Cannabis Construction Oversight by Quantum 9

Cannabis Construction Oversight Service Offerings

Facility Development Overview

Quantum 9 Inc. offers cultivation and dispensing facility design services. Beyond that, Quantum 9, Inc., also offers subject matter expert consulting oversight pertaining to facility construction, optimization and asset selection. By operating a successful full-service cannabis consulting and technology firm Quantum 9, Inc. has realized the need for industry-specific construction and design consultants. Quantum 9, Inc. realizes that no matter what the skill level of the firm, architects, engineers, and third-party contractors, there still exists a lengthy, expensive learning curve. There are three (3) interwoven challenges pertaining to the design and build of a successful cannabis cultivation facility. These are the areas of expertise that even the best architecture and construction firms currently lack and where Quantum 9, Inc. offers a huge competitive advantage. These are in the areas of cannabis horticulture, workflow, and security parameters.

Marijuana Construction Oversight Infographic

The requirements of the aforementioned areas of expertise are met with a customized and unified set of protocols and schematics designs. Quantum 9, Inc. can offer expert on-site and off-site consulting during implementation of our custom designs and protocols. The Quantum 9, Inc. consulting services help make sure the protocols and designs are successfully executed and implemented. In order to facilitate this entire process, Quantum 9, Inc. has assimilated a team of industry specific professionals from around the world including the United States, Canada, France, Israel, and Holland. They combine decades of cannabis construction and cultivation experience in order to create facilities of enduring value. State of the art and industry leading software is used to create both two and three-dimensional drawings. These schematic designs accurately communicate the intended design for permit application purposes, facilitating accuracy of construction documents, and become a vital tool for employee training.

By combining this effort with clean, modern technology, custom equipment, and standard operating procedures Quantum 9, Inc. has created a formula for what has become the most profitable machines for growing cannabis.


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  1. Joan Purtell

    Great to see the availability of professionals to help create high-tech operations for serious marijuana grow facilities. I am a commercial broker from New York State and have been working diligently on trying to facilitate industrial sites for marijuana growers. Because it is a water driven industry, Upstate New York, unlike the West Coast, has a “Blue Economy”. Water is plentiful and the incentives for new industry through grants, skilled workforce,technology in New York State for those preparing to take advantage of the ability to open facilities.

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