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Cannabis Consulting in New York

New York is preparing to begin its medical marijuana program.  As the laws are just being finalized, anyone wanting to get into this 19 million person market must act now if they want to be chosen for a license.  New York will be awarding only five manufacturing licenses and 20 dispensary licenses for the first phase of the program.  The selection process will be incredibly competitive: to increase your odds of success hiring a consulting firm that is familiar with the ins and outs of the industry should be a top priority.  The Quantum 9 team has been behind many successful permitting and facility optimization projects, not only here in the States but also four other countries.  Whether you are just starting or have already been working on your plans, there is a lot to gain by engaging Quantum 9.  From proven, winning business plans to sustainability focused architectural and facility designs, to access to our world-class team and more. Applications for New York will be out soon, contact us today to get in front of the process and be that much closer to making your dreams a reality.

Below is our summary of the current New York State draft regulations to understand what will be required in your application submission.

New York State Draft Regulation Summary

Take a look at some of the key members in our consultant and business analyst team to understand why our services are the most sought after in the industry:

Ed Rosenthal – Master Level Gardner III/Most Published and Recognized Cannabis Author

Justin DeAngelis – Master Level Garner III/Head of Plant Nutrition

Derek Ogden – Security Consultant III

Michael Mayes – Quantum 9 CEO


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