A lesser known brand, Dab OTG provides the consumer with a high quality wax smoking experience. High Times reviewed it as their top choice in their 2014 Vapor Pen Buyer’s Guide. This vaporizer is solely for smoking wax/oils.

The Dab OTG has four heat settings to adjust the temperature based on the user’s preference. It is very durable and has a reliable battery life to make it through a long day. The only downside to this vaporizer is its lack of stealth. The glass head on the device makes for a very cool smoking experience but doesn’t hide the fact that the user is smoking.

(Source: Dab OTG)

The Dab OTG Standard Kit retails on the company’s website for $55 and there is also an Incognito Kit available for $85. This is probably the most reliable portable vaporizer that you can get for the price and is a great option for someone looking to give vaporizing a try.

The Breakdown

Hardware/ Design

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