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Hawaii eCrim Report for Marijuana Dispensary Program Instructions

Hawaii Marijuana eCrim Report Instructions

Are you in the process of submitting an application to the Hawaii Department of Health for the Marijuana Dispensary Program? One of the required steps is obtaining an eCrim screen to ensure that all individuals associated with the company are free of felony convictions.

HB321 Page 10: Validation code from an eCrim report for the individual applicant generated by the Hawaii criminal justice data center no earlier than December 12, 2015, at 8:00 a.m., Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time;

You can perform the Hawaii eCrim report here:

eCrim Marijuana Dispensary Instructions: 

1. Create an Account;

2. Enter SSN and Enter Credit Card info for the $5 fee to run the report;

3. Once the report is done the following will be shown, “No Records Found” is a good thing;

Cannabis Consultant Michael Mayes eCrim Report 1

Marijuana Consultant Michael Mayes eCrim Report 1

5. Click Add to Cart” and the following screen will be shown;

Cannabis Consultant Michael Mayes eCrim Report 2

Michael Mayes eCrim Marijuana Consultant Report 2

7. Click the hyperlink from above, the text that is underlined and blue, mine says Last name: Mayes… (Click that and you will be taken to the following screen)

Michael Mayes eCrim Cannabis Consulting

Michael Mayes Marijuana Consultant eCrim 3

6. Click Checkout” and you will be able to purchase the report to add with your Marijuana Dispensary Submission.

I completed the eCrim process in 15 minutes, and the total cost was $15 USD. I was immediately able to get the following report. The below eCrim report would have to be redone since it was before December 12, 2015, at 8:00 a.m., Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time rule. This does, however, show that I can participate on any team within the Hawaii market.

eCrim Report Hawaii for Dispensary Program

Hawaii Verified eCrim Report by Michael Mayes Cannabis Consultant

Hawaii Cannabis Consulting

Here are a bunch of articles I have already written for Hawaii:




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