How to Make Pot Brownies – Flame, Regs or Shwag?

In one of my previous Quantum 9 blog posts “How to Make Pot Brownies” I talk about the importance of dosage. Once you understand how to extract the THC and CBDs in oil dosage becomes everything. Most negative experiences with marijuana infused products (MIPs) is usually due to improper or unknown dosages.

I stated that .2-2.5 grams of high quality cannabis (18%+) per serving was the recommended dose but a lot of marijuana isn’t that high quality. In fact is it more cost effective to make edible MIPs with lower quality flowers.

You don’t have to know the specific strain in order to determine the dosage. You only have to know the general quality of it. There are three qualities levels of marijuana and the amount of flower used needs to be adjusted in order to get a consistent effect.

Flame (15%+ THC)

Flame is the highest quality cannabis. You can tell by the way that it looks, smells and smokes. It has a lot of crystals and hairs. The stems are small and there should be no seeds.

Recommended Dosage .25 g / serving

Regs/Mids (5-10% THC)

Regs are considered your average cannabis. The buds will have some stems and seeds but it still smokes nice.

Recommended Dosage .33 g / serving

Schwag (1-5% THC)

This stuff looks like a weed. It looks more brown than green. The stems are clearly visible and there is most likely seeds in every bud.

Recommended Dosage .50 g / serving

Just as it is important for a cook to taste his food before he serves it, it is wise to taste your ingredients as you cook as well as your finished product. I suggest smoking a bit of your product before you cook. It will give you a better idea on how much cannabis to use in each serving, especially if you are an experienced cannabis user.

After every batch I make I take a serving myself with out smoking on top of it. Keep in mind edible MIPs take 30-60 minute to begin to feel the effect and it usually peaks in 90-120 minutes after ingestion.

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