Illinois Regulation of the Day – Tracking Crop Inputs

Today’s regulation has to do with the record keeping and tracking of all crop inputs. As you can see below, for each application of a crop input, several pieces of information will need to be captured, recorded and kept for future reference.

Illinois Register, Department of Agriculture


Section 1000.400 Production Areas – Plants

e) A record of all crop inputs shall be maintained for at least five years at the facility. The record shall include the following (see Section 1000.470(g) for additional requirements for the use of pesticides):

1) The date of application;

2) The name of the individual making the application;

3) The product that was applied;

4) The section, including the square footage, that received the application (by

group number);

5) The amount of product that was applied; and

6) A copy of the label of the product applied.

*Please note that all rules and regulations have not been officially published and are subject to change. For the latest proposed rules and regulations, please visit the state of Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program website.

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