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Why Do You Need to Use a Marijuana Consultant?

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When is the best time to use a marijuana consultant?

After almost 80 years of marijuana prohibition, the tides have finally turned. Medical marijuana in one form or another has been legalized in over half of the country while adult recreational use has been legalized in two states and possibly more come the November election. With so many emerging medical and recreational marijuana markets, it’s easy for investors to see dollar signs when researching this industry.

Since marijuana is still illegal federally, each state has its own series of medical marijuana rules and regulations. In order to obtain licenses to operate dispensaries or cultivation centers in a particular state, one must successfully complete an incredibly complex and detailed application. The application process is nearly impossible to navigate if you do not have prior experience in the medical marijuana industry, and that is why engaging a marijuana consultant for permit acquisition services is necessary.

As an established cannabis consultant comprised of a staff of proven industry experts, Quantum 9, Inc. is well versed in the specific regulations and application requirements of every medical and recreational cannabis market throughout North America. Quantum 9 will guide you every step of the way in your quest to obtain a license and successfully setup your business.

Quantum 9’s staff of consultants understand exactly what regulatory bodies are searching for in an application. From AutoCAD designs and standard operating procedures, to security and sanitation protocols and quality assurance methodology, Quantum 9 has everything covered to ensure a winning application.

If you are interested in engaging “Quantum 9” to provide expert cannabis consulting, please contact us!

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