Lease vs Buy Concept

Marijuana Equipment Leasing

Cannabis Cultivation Equipment Leasing

Are you among the thousand-plus Marijuana Cultivation Centers in the United States along looking to procure equipment? Quantum 9 offers Marijuana Equipment Leasing to help mitigate upfront equipment purchasing costs. This service will allow your submitted budget t0 your local state to last longer. Our marijuana consulting practice has helped many clients navigate through the equipment procurement process. Our relationships with equipment providers and resellers allow us to match or beat any pricing that you can get yourself. In addition, the reduced capital costs will allow you to provision funds in more needed areas such as medical marijuana consulting and talent acquisition. Get your footing and enough breathing room to start generating revenue.  To lease equipment in your state, your current business must have two years of P&L statements.

Quantum 9, offers a full suite of consulting options from facility design to horticultural best practices.

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