Medical Marijuana Consulting Australia

Medical Marijuana Consulting Australia

Quantum 9 provides Australian marijuana consulting to businesses looking to obtain permits and licenses to cultivate and manufacture cannabis products in Australia. Organizations looking to obtain permits are required to pass a security test and meet incredibly strict requirements. The individual states and territories will still decide which patients will be allowed into the registry.

Valid Sunday, October 30th, The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016, allows organizations, venture capitalist, high net worth individuals, and businesses to apply for a license to conduct research, cultivate cannabis or manufacture marijuana products for medicinal purposes. Australia is positioning itself to become a global leader in the importation and exportation of marijuana. Licenses will be awarded as soon as November 1, 2016.

The new change in law gives, patients and doctors access to reliable, safe, and most importantly a legal source of marijuana said Health Minister Sussan Ley. Talk to an Australian cannabis consultant about the opportunities in Australia today and get executive coaching to put your company in the best position possible to submit a compelling application to The Australian Office of Drug Control.

Steve Goldner QA Cannabis Consultant


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