Medical Marijuana Cultivation Permit Acquisition in Clark County,NV

Show cases the approval of JET V, LLC: USE PERMIT for a medical marijuana cultivation establishment on 0.5 acres in an Designed Manufacturing Zone (AE-70). Generally located on the west side of Pine Street, 125 feet south of Post Road within Paradise of Clark County Las Vegas.

Seeking approval for medical marijuana cultivation permit, Silver State Wellness in conjunction with Quantum 9 provided a six minute presentation, followed by review. The presentation gained approval through its professional delivery in conjunction with extensive experience in all aspects of the medical cannabis field.

In the presentation, Silver State Wellness shows that it has the proper capital and facilities to create and provide a professional medical cannabis business. With forty-million in capital, 10,200 sq/ft title thirty compliant facility confirmed power available, and consultation provided by Quantum 9.

Quantum 9 consultation presents itself as a “cannabis consulting firm with global expertise in horticulture research, engineering, security and project management”-Michael Mayes. This statement became evident through the members of its organization. Derek Ogden is the lead security adviser for Quantum 9, with twenty-seven years of experience in law enforcement. He was the former director of the Canadian Drug Enforcement Program. As well as a key part of its Organized Crime Specialized Taskforce. Head facility consultant, Ed Rosenthal, whose literature in the medical cannabis field has him as the most published author in the cannabis industry, and a New York Times reviewed author. His book “Marijuana Growers Handbook” is a required course book at Oaksterdam University.

In the review section, Silver State Wellness’s and Quantum 9’s review was received with local approval stating, “If you’re going to pull in out of state resources this is the way to do it. I’ve seen some out of staters come up and want to get into this game, but I haven’t seen too many…that have this kind of resource behind them and this kind of knowledge. So I really want to give my approval to this group.”


Click image below to view video of the Quantum 9 and Silver State Wellness give their presentation to the Clark County Commission Board:

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