Michael Mayes Interview on WGN at Northern Illinois Town Hall

On Aug. 20, hundreds of people gathered at Northern Illinois’ Town Hall meeting to learn more about the upcoming application process for patients, caregivers, dispensaries and cultivation centers.

Quantum 9 CEO Michael Mayes was interviewed by WGN for a segment on the event.

While the event was designed to answer questions primarily about the patient and caregiver application period that starts Sept. 1, a vast majority of the questions surrounded dispensary and cultivation center applications. There are a limited number of licenses available for these entities, and in order to secure one Mayes said “it will not only require luck, but also skill, so they’re looking for operators who have a tremendous amount of experience, not only in horticulture, but retail as well.

Mayes also commented on the patient and caregiver applications, expressing concern for the stringent requirements.

“Currently it’s required that all patients have a criminal background check, a 12-month bonafide relationship with a physician, as well as fingerprinting,” said Mayes. “With those restrictions, it makes it incredibly difficult for a patient, especially with a debilitating illness, to obtain a card.”


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