Cannabis Investor Roadmap

Our investor services center around our investment roadmap which takes your idea from conception to realization. Most cannabis permit acquisition projects fail due to under-capitalization and improper planning. Identifying the right financial partners and developing an appropriate action plan from the onset of the project helps ensure the success of the venture. The legal cannabis markets within the United States and abroad are a booming industry that is already producing billions of dollars in revenue. By 2020, some experts are projecting that it will be as high as a 20 to 40 billion-dollar industry. Colorado had a $100M month at the end of 2015. The total tax revenue generated in Colorado in 2015 surpassed $86.7M. Investing in and operating a business within the sector comes with many challenges. Regulations vary widely state-to-state, or even county-to-county, access to banking is almost non-existent, and the federal government still categorizes marijuana as a Schedule 1 narcotic.

We provide organizations looking to enter the market with an opportunity analysis that shapes the way venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and global investors approach the market or investment. The Quantum 9 team studies patient’s projected medicinal acquisition for determination of appropriate production levels to meet market demand and product rollout strategies. Also, the opportunity analysis assesses the local, state and national consumer landscape to identify the optimal product(s) engineering for patient adoption, and the optimal marketing approach for the maximization of consumer purchases.

Cannabis Consultant Services

Let us help you develop your idea in a winning pitch.


Quantum 9 aided in a $15M raised for an international marijuana client.

What We Did

Quantum 9 provided marijuana subject matter experts to help steer the licensing approach; this project required international travel including trips around the world including the Cayman Islands.

Marijuana Consultant Investment Services

Cannabis Market Analysis Consulting

We conduct a market analysis that includes both a social analysis of long-term industry projections as well as a local (state) forecast analysis. The political analysis is utilized to understand the long-term implications of a potential cannabis investment or company including a general industry analysis, as well as a possible national rollout of a particular product or brand. The local (state) analysis is used to determine patient participation and consumptions allowing for year-by-year market use analysis to determine product manufacturing and sales best practices. Together, these reports enable accurate pro forma projections of the necessary production facility and construction design plans; including investment capital, workforce, and supply-chain management and marketing forecasts.

Cannabis Pro Forma Consulting

The Pro Forma offers clients a comprehensive business model and projection spreadsheets tailored for the customer’s goals. These models and projections determine market-entry and their product and service offerings. Consumption projections are shaped for detailed capital expenditure including:

  • Operating Costs
  • Necessary Manufacturing/ Processing/ Dispensing Space
  • Associated Building Costs
  • Employee Overhead
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Revenue Projections

Also, it includes projections for company evaluation, Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), profit and loss, cash flow, and Return on Investment (ROI).

Cannabis Business Plan Consulting

A business plan is the culmination of the opportunity including team members, market analyses, and the pro forma.  It includes the corporate overview of the organization including the board of director biographies, manager qualifications, product line summaries, corporate marketing strategy, finance projections, investor packages, use of funds, and ROI projections.  The document is also visually captivating including custom market charts, infographics, 3D renderings, and photographs.

Marijuana Presentation Consulting

The professional grade investor presentation is a visual proposal created on one of the most sophisticated web-based presentation platforms, Prezi. It includes aspects and highlights from the market analyses, pro forma, business plan and graphical representations in the form of a high-impact and informative presentation.

Investor Videography Consulting

The investor video is a dramatic audio-visual asset for you to use as an introduction to an investor presentation. It immediately conveys a level of professionalism that attracts accredited investors. It is highly structured and graphical, yet provides an informative representation of the company and proposed product. Also, it also highlights the critical areas of the past and projected success.

Cannabis Investment Consulting

The investor takeaway is a synopsis of the business plan and presentation for the purpose of highlighting the most important points of the presentation. Similar to the Business Plan, it is highly customizable and can include charts, infographics, and photographs. An investor would receive the takeaway from the client after a meeting. The investor takeaway highlights aspects of the business plan, investor presentation, and investor pitch. It allows the client to provide potential investors with the most noteworthy aspects of the presentation in a form that does not overwhelm the potential investor. It avoids exposure of sensitive information such as the actual pro forma or business plan.