Pot Consultant: 3 Things you Need to Know NOW!

First and foremost, STOP CALLING IT POT! This industry is no longer tolerant of this term. It actually has a negative connotation in the industry. If you are reading this, I am assuming your are an entrepreneur that has been very successful in other endeavors and you are currently trying to get into the “Cannabis” industry. Here is a list of things you should do immediately:

1. Research the endocannabinoids system and how Cannabinoids work with the human body. At the bases of this industry lies the powerful truth that cannabis is the next healthcare revolution. You need to know everything about what is happening in healthcare to understand why cannabis is so popular… it is currently saving lives.

2. Get funded, if you think that $100,000 in your savings account is enough to enter this industry, think again. Cannabis Consultant’s at Quantum 9 estimate the cost of entry for cultivation center’s being between $750,000-$4,000,000. Dispensary costs from $250,000-$1,500,000. You don’t want to dump all of your own money into this, get funded since you are gonna do all of the work anyways you might was well still have a savings account with money in it.

3. Read all of the rules, regulations and proposed bills in your area. This can be found on the Marijuana Policy Project.

If you are looking for a trusted consulting team check out Quantum 9, Inc.

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