The Life Cylce of a Cannabis Plant

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From seed to finished product, cannabis takes about 90 days to grow. If you compared it to a human life, a day in the life of marijuana is the equivalent to a year in a human life. If you break it down even further, each hour is the equivalent to two weeks. Although cannabis is a weed, it grows almost despite you. But if you want to grow healthy, high-yielding and high-quality cannabis, every moment counts.
Throughout the lifecycle of a plant, it has five basic needs: water, nutrients, CO2, light, and temperature/humidity control. All of theses elements have to be executed in balance and with good timing for you to get a high-yielding and potent plant. Just like humans, the needs of the plant change throughout its life.
To grow the best cannabis, you almost have to act as the plant’s mother, doctor and caretaker. Pay attention to all the details within the five limiting factors that go into growing a healthy plant. You have to be able to identify and diagnose sickness and disease within the plant. From there,  you have to know the right steps to get your plant back in full health so it can thrive.
Serving the needs of the plant begins when designing your grow room, the home of the plant.  Lighting controls what time your plant wakes up and goes to bed. Nutrients are the plants vitamins and minerals. If you want to be healthy, you have to take your vitamins; any good mother will tell you that. Water is essential for life in general. When growing by deep water cultivation, the water acts as the delivery system from the nutrients. It also allows us to see diagnostics on the plant, much like when you go to the doctor. Finally, there is CO2. In Ed Rosenthal’s (http://edrosenthal.com) Marijuana Growers Handbook, he says CO2 is like chocolate cake for plants. If you use it properly, can it can increase the production of your marijuana plant by 20%. You must be careful though because too many “sweets” can ruin your health.
Your plant can also get sick by catching a bug such as mites. They can have broken limbs and bruises. It is very similar to raising a child, except it never talks back or throws a fit in the grocery store. Growers grow relationships with their plants. They nurture and give to their plants, and the plants then give in return.
This is why we are so passionate about consulting with growers. If you love your plants and want them to be high-quality, you need to learn from the best. Quantum 9 has  all-star growers on our staff. Each one of us specializes in a certain area of cultivation and cannabis business acumen, but one thing we all share in common is the love for the marijuana plant.
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