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Vaporizing: Beginning Vaporizer Recommendations

Beginning Vaporizer Recommendations

After explaining the benefits of vaporizers in my last post, I thought it would be useful to recommend some products that provide a high standard of style, discretion, and quality. Portable vaporizers have skyrocketed in popularity within the past five years so I decided to stick to them. All vaporizers recommended will be below $100 in price.

Micro-G by Grenco Science

The Micro-G is quickly becoming one of the most popular vaporizers on the market. Grenco Science describes their product as “Micro in size, yet monumental in capability.” The Micro-G has a version strictly for dry herbs and another for essential oils.

The Micro-G has a slick design with a rubber black-matte exterior that makes it easy to grip. The pen is only four inches in length and is composed of three different parts making it easy to disassemble and replace pieces if necessary. It includes a USB charger that takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to charge fully and can last consistent smoking throughout the day. The vaporizer provides the smoker with substantial hits and after fifteen seconds of holding down the button automatically stops the pull to conserve product.

One of the biggest advantages of this vaporizer is its discretionary value. The Micro-G looks similar to a USB device and with its sleek design would hardly raise attention.

(Source: Grenco Science)

Grenco Science has created a stealthy, reliable vaporizer that comes at a very affordable price. The Micro-G retails for $99 on their website and comes with cleaning and replacement supplies. If you’re looking for an easy to use, portable vaporizer, the Micro-G is worth checking out.


A lesser known brand, Dab OTG provides the consumer with a high quality wax smoking experience. High Times reviewed it as their top choice in their 2014 Vapor Pen Buyer’s Guide. This vaporizer is solely for smoking wax/oils.

The Dab OTG has four heat settings to adjust the temperature based on the user’s preference. It is very durable and has a reliable battery life to make it through a long day. The only downside to this vaporizer is its lack of stealth. The glass head on the device makes for a very cool smoking experience but doesn’t hide the fact that the user is smoking.

(Source: Dab OTG)

The Dab OTG Standard Kit retails on the company’s website for $55 and there is also an Incognito Kit available for $85. This is probably the most reliable portable vaporizer that you can get for the price and is a great option for someone looking to give vaporizing a try.

Power Pen

The Power Pen vaporizer is one of the more powerful “mini” vaporizers for its price. Its sleek design similar to the G-Pen, makes it an attractive purchase. The stealthiness of the design and the limited smell that is emitted make this vaporizer perfect for smokers who need to be discrete.

One of the biggest advantages of this vaporizer is how simple it is. The Power Pen is made of only two parts, making it easy for beginners to jump right into using it. There are multiple attachment options for the tips making it possible to smoke both oil and dry herbs with this product.

(Source: High Times 2014)

The Power Pen has various package options for their vaporizers. On their website, the standard kit retails for $50 and the packages that go up from there include an assortment of accessories useful to the smoker.


These three vaporizers provide simplicity and affordability for smokers who wish to try vaporizing. For a complete list of vaporizer reviews check out High Times VaperPen Buyer’s Guide 2014.

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