What Everybody Ought to Know About Illinois Medical Marijuana Consulting

Quantum 9 has assembled one of the most talented medical marijuana consulting teams in the world serving the Illinois market. With resources in the United States, Canada and Europe, the team excels not only on American soil but internationally. Quantum 9’s international presence allows the firm to have a finger on the pulse of cannabis innovation. Quantum 9 has become one of the most trusted names in cannabis consulting. Are you in the process of collecting information on an Illinois Cannabis Plant Monitoring System? The bill will pass allowing Illinois Medical Marijuana by August 5th, 2013 whether or not signed by Governor Quinn. Quantum 9 has the Cannabis Plant Tracking System and  solutions that will adhere to all Illinois mandated regulations. Take the time to visit our site: Quantum 9 and select Tour in the top navigation. Give Illinois regulators peace of mind that you are tracking all additives to the plant from fertilizers to insecticides. The our Cannabis Plant Tracking System can provide all seed to sale tracking needed to give lawmakers clear visibility into your operations. 

Although headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Quantum 9 practices in all legal medical marijuana and retail states. 
Practice Areas 
  •  Lobbying
  •  Compliance Consulting
  •  Talent Acquisition
  •  Site Planning
  •  Facility Build Out
  •  Production Planning 
  •  Security Planning 
The cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 can help with every aspect from planning to delivery. 

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  1. peter rivera

    We Insure:




    Weight of ice, sleet, snow






    Aircraft or Vehicle Damage

    Flood, except zones A&V


    Sprinkler leakage


    Volcanic action

    Falling objects

    Water damage (limited)

    Earth movement

    Riot or Civil Commotion

    Medical marijuana crop insurance coverage for small, medium and enterprise-level cultivation operations, including greenhouses and nurseries:

    General Liability Coverage
    Workers Compensation
    Transit/Delivery Coverage
    Wind/Hail/Falling Objects
    Other Standard Perils
    Finished Stock/Marijuana

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