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We are a Chicago, IL based international hemp and cannabis consulting company. Our areas of expertise include permit acquisition, staff augmentation and, employee training. Our primary objective is to help connect patients with the necessary resources while aiding investors, entrepreneurs, employees, and potential patients into the cannabis industry.

Michael Mayes is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Quantum 9. Michael has assisted in project managing and funding some of the largest commercial cannabis projects in the world. Michael helped raise $15M for an international venture for one project as a subject matter expert through Quantum 9’s investor services. Michael has been a cannabis investor since 2009 in Colorado’s first legal for-profit marijuana market. Michael has spent years consulting and collaborating with countless consultants on the forefront of the marijuana industry. Working with the brightest minds and contributing to world-class organizations has been an incredibly enlightening and rewarding experience for him. Also, he has amassed a comprehensive and award-winning team engaged globally for public policy best practices through the prioritization of environmental sustainability and patient care.

Medical Marijuana Consultants US

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01. Discovery

Most of our projects start out with an information gather and discovery phase I. It is vital that we get to know all of the players that are involved with the project. We pride ourselves with picking clients that we like. In any given territory we choose only a few customers to prevent any conflicts of interest.

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02. Documentation

Documentation is key to understanding how to perform a task. We have a team of Food and Drug Association (FDA) Attorneys that help with the literature portion of our projects. FDA is not too involved in cannabis today, but that will soon change. Big brother is watching all of us around the corner.

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03. Our Relationships

We work with many of our twenty-four clients still. The advantage of on ongoing relationship allows all new customers to have links into the industry. Training and Educational seminars are typical within our core clientele.

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