Cannabis Laboratory Consultant Julio Soriagalvarro
Julio C. Soriagalvarro, M.S.
Cannabis Laboratory Consultant

Julio Soriagalvarro is a natural product chemist turned consultant who combines his expertise in the life sciences and business to provide consulting services across the cannabis industry. Additionally, as our cannabis laboratory consultant, he has won cannabis licenses for clients in multiple U.S. States as well as optimized the operations of cannabis testing facilities across the nation.

Although he is our cannabis laboratory consultant, Julio’s broad-reaching background in business, analytical chemistry, and biology makes him a valuable asset to any cannabis project. In fact, as part of our cannabis consulting team, Julio has consulted on projects including cannabis cultivation, processing, testing, and retail operations.

From operating Mass Spectrometers and HPLCs to crafting business plans and financial statements for cannabis businesses, Julio advises on a variety of functions related to all cannabis business operations. Moreover, having worked in many legal cannabis markets, Julio is an expert when it comes to ensuring your facility remains compliant with state and federal regulations. 

Julio holds a M.S. in Natural Product Chemistry and Drug Discovery from the University of Illinois, and a B.S. in Biology from James Madison University. Also, he is currently a 2nd-year MBA student at Indiana University, focusing on finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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Cannabis Laboratory Consultant Julio C Soriagalvarro profile
Cannabis Laboratory Consultant

From developing cannabis extraction standard operating procedures (SOPs) to building a financial model to project future cash flows, Julio C. Soriagalvarro is equipped to take your cannabis operation from good to great.

Not to mention, with the help of our cannabis laboratory consultant, our clients have won cannabis business licenses in Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, and New Jersey.