Josh Ginsberg

Strategic Cannabis Advisor

Josh Ginsberg is an accomplished executive with proven experience in revenue generation, multi-channel product distribution, innovation, and marketing in both startup and hyper-growth cannabis organizations. He has helped create over 265 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to handle all aspects of cannabis businesses that ensure successful startups.

As the Founder and CEO of Native Roots, one of the top 5 largest cannabis companies in the world, he has successfully licensed, funded, and project managed the buildout of 38 retail locations in Colorado, California, Ohio, and Canada. These dispensaries trained 4,340+ employees, with 675 employees actively working as dispensary agents. 


Additionally, under Federal Health Canada Law, Josh Ginsberg has successfully opened dispensary locations in 4 Canadian Provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. With his assistance, over 106,300 square feet of retail cannabis space has been erected, secured, and made compliant with the United States law and Federal Health Canada regulations. His expertise in security and operational procedures allowed him to design and build out 38 retail occasions under a variety of brand and local laws.


Ginsberg received a Dual Bachelor of Science in Economics and Computer Science from Bucknell University. Additionally, he is a member of numerous cannabis boards that help shape the innovation of cannabis marketplaces.

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