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how to take cbd oil

How to Take CBD Oil as Medication

CBD oil has quickly become a preferred medical treatment for illnesses. If you’re new to the idea this is the guide you need on how to take CBD oil.

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Marijuana legalization is headlining the news again. As a new bill proposes to legalize marijuana at the federal level, the debate has resurfaced once again.

Despite the attention marijuana receives, many people still don’t know about CBD (or cannabidiol), how to take it, or its many life-changing benefits.

Thousands of patients across the nation are using it. And almost half of them have stopped taking pharmaceutical medication altogether.

This new bill comes after the DEA classified cannabidiol as a Schedule I substance in late 2016, along with heroin and LSD. Yet, the stigma of marijuana counteracts the slew of health benefits that are helping so many.

In this article, we’re going to talk about CBD and how to use it. Some of them are truly groundbreaking!

The Deal with CannabidiolThe Deal with Cannabidiol

Before we delve into how to take CBD oil, first we should clear up any confusion.  Strains traditionally used for hemp produce very little – if any – THC. CBD products made from “cannabis” strains are restricted to legal states. CBD products from “hemp” strains are legal in all 50 states.

Marijuana gets a bad rep among some people because of its mind-altering effects. The “high” of marijuana is one of the biggest reasons why many choose not to use it as medicine or try it at all.

First off, cannabidiol taken on its own does not produce psychoactive effects on those who consume it. That’s because this extract does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Both CBD and THC are chemical compounds that make up Cannabis. These chemical ingredients are cannabinoids. They make up Cannabis in high concentrations.

Cannabidiol binds to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. They then signal to neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for mood, memory, pain, immunity, and other bodily functions.

Over the years, scientists have figured out how to extract it from Cannabis. This means it’s possible to consume it without THC or any of the other 100 or so active cannabinoids.

A Natural & Powerful Medicine

It was originally believed that cannabidiol’s natural purpose was to counteract THC, and this is still the case. In fact, many people use CBD to treat insomnia, paranoia, and anxiety.

While it is still used to treat the effects of THC, there is much more to it.

It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. Which makes it excellent for combating things like diabetes, chronic pain, and arthritis.

It’s also reported that it can help fight breast cancer and leukemia. It even reduces pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy.

This is all wonderful news for people who want a natural form of medicine without the “high”. Many people are getting their medication fix in a variety of easy – and delicious – ways.

How to Take CBD Oil with a TinctureHow to Take CBD Oil with a Tincture

Oil is one of the more common forms.  It is also the easiest form to consume, especially for those who are turned off by the idea of smoking.

In most cases, the oil is taken orally. It comes in a tincture, which contains the oil. The dropper allows users to measure out the correct dose and to release with ease.

Now, let’s talk about how to take CBD oil by tincture, one of the most common methods. It’s also by far the easiest!

Preparing & Administering the Tincture

Before measuring out your dose, shake the tincture. This helps to blend any extract that collects at the bottom. It also improves the taste.

Once shaken, you can loosen the top and squeeze the dropper. Make sure to collect enough oil to get the proper dosage. Any leftover oil can go back into the tincture.

Users then release 1 or more droplets under their tongue. This way, it’s fully absorbed before the user swallows.


The number of droplets depends on directions given by a medical marijuana doctor. Recreational users who don’t need a medical card can talk to a budtender about how much they should take.

A doctor or budtender can demonstrate how to take CBD oil if you’ve never used a tincture before. Luckily, it’s an easy process you can get the hang of after 1 or 2 attempts.  Most popular brands of CBD will have proper dosage right on the bottle. It is always advised to start slow and work up to the suggested adult dose.

How to take CBD Capsules

Taking Cannabidiol Spray & Capsules

Oral use is the predominant method among epileptic children. During seizures, an adult administers the oil by tincture into the child’s mouth.

Within minutes, their seizures let up and they can recover faster. Because of its success rate, many of these children have thrived in other aspects of their lives.

In addition to a tincture, there are other methods of consuming CBD oil.

And they’re not only helping those who suffer from epilepsy. They’re also popular among recreational users. The spray is administered by mouth. It can be sprayed on or under the tongue.

Oil capsules are an easy-to-swallow alternative for those who don’t mind taking pills. Many people take them as part of their daily vitamin regimen. Not to mention, the oil comes in a variety of flavors.

Distributors have developed a range of delicious flavors, including strawberry, peach, and coconut.

how to take CBD oil by vaporizing

Vaporizing with Wax & Oil

Oil tinctures, sprays, and capsules are most common among patients. They’re also the method of choice for those who don’t like smoking.

Recreational users also take capsules and sprays.  Recreational users also take capsules and sprays, but among all the ways of ingesting CBD, vaporizing is the trendiest.  For one thing, vaporizing is healthier than smoking. Vaporizers work by heating up wax and oil at low temperatures.

When the wax or oil heats up at these low temperatures, the vaporizer produces vapor. This vapor is not only cleaner than marijuana and cigarette smoke but also smoother.

Preparing & Using a Vaporizer

To vaporize, first, you’ll need a vaporizer. The trending type is the vape pen, which is compact and comes in a variety of styles.

There are also vaporizers, which are more like machines. They also come in a variety of styles, but they’re bigger and not as easy to bring outside the home.

No matter which type of vaporizer you use, they generally work the same. So, figuring out how to take CBD oil with a vaporizer shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve learned how they work.

First, you’ll want to heat up the vaporizer. Different temperatures produce different vapor hits.

Higher temperatures produce stronger hits. Lower temperatures produce smooth hits that bring out the flavor in the oil or wax.

Once the vaporizer is warm enough, you can add your desired amount to the atomizer. The atomizer is like a small cup that heats up the wax or oil.

Most vape pen models require users to press a button to produce a vape hit. Some of them aren’t like this, however.

The atomizers heat up anywhere between 20 seconds to 1 minute. This, too, depends on the model you’re using.

Then, you inhale. It’s as simple as smoking. The difference being that you’re inhaling smooth vapor as opposed to corrosive smoke.

Choosing the Best Vaporizer

If you really want to learn how to take CBD oil by vaporizing, invest in a good quality vaporizer.

Start by browsing vaporizers and vape pens at reputable companies. These models are typically a bit more expensive, but the higher cost is worth it in the end.

Unfortunately, many cheap models are made with glue. And some of these can be harmful when the vaporizer reaches high enough temperatures.

Not to mention, more expensive models will last longer, as opposed to the cheap ones.

Smoking the Traditional Way

If you’re a traditional smoker and can’t part from your favorite pipe, pay attention.

It’s true that CBD is more common in its oil form. That’s because the majority of its users would prefer not to feel “the high” that’s common with high-THC strains.

Still, though, many growers cultivate high-CBD buds for traditional smokers.

A lot of these strains do contain low levels of THC. Because the cannabidiol outweighs the level of THC, the psychoactive effects are subtle.

This may not be the method for you if you’re looking to learn how to take CBD oil without smoking. But if you’re interested in the health benefits and want to experience a small amount of THC, this may be the option for you.

Be sure to consult with a budtender at your local dispensary. They can help you find the best buds.

Enjoying Edibles

Now that we’ve covered some ways how to take CBD oil, it’s time to talk about the tastier methods.

Between brownies, cookies, and candy, who wouldn’t love edibles? Perhaps people who don’t like sweets, but even they have options.

This is because the possibilities in edibles are endless! Every year, edible distributors are coming up with new and savory food ideas that use cannabidiol oil.

And they’re not only satisfying people’s rumbling tummies. They’re also helping them to get their CBD and to experience the health benefits.

They’re especially helpful for cancer patients experiencing the adverse side effects of chemotherapy.

So, what kinds of edibles have come out on the market recently?

Among the choices are:

  • Chocolate
  • Flavored popcorn
  • Trail mix
  • Coffee beans
  • Peanut Butter

Dispensaries are quick to sell the latest releases in edibles. So, make sure to stay tuned with your local dispensary. Visit every once in a while to browse their selection of edibles.

Making Cannabutter

Now that your mouth is watering, it’s time to talk about how to take CBD oil by yourself! Making your own is the best method if you enjoy cooking and want relief.

The secret?

Cannabutter is a cannabis-infused butter. It’s the main ingredient in all edibles.

Basically, you can make any type of edible that incorporates cannabutter. In fact, a lot of people who make their own cannabutter use it in sauces and marinades.

Making cannabutter is simple. First, you’ll need cannabidiol buds from your local dispensary.

Then, you’ll grind up the desired amount. If you’re looking to relieve pain or other ailments by eating edibles, grind up more.

You’re then going to heat up a pan of butter at a low and simmering temperature. Add the CBD grinds to the pan, and stir frequently. Find out how to complete your ready-to-use cannabutter.

Eventually, the butter should turn to an off-green color. The more grinds you add, the greener it will be.

You’ll then strain the butter into a glass container, and close it with a snug lid. Use or refrigerate immediately.

Topical Use of CBDTopical Use of CBD

Our list of how to take CBD oil wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ways of applying it on the skin.

That’s right! In addition to edibles, oil, vaping, and smoking, it’s also possible to use lotions and creams.

These are best for those experiencing inflammation and soreness. They work by penetrating the CB2 receptors throughout the nervous system. Through this process, the body responds better to pain and swelling.

Topicals are available in most dispensaries. There are also balms, shampoos, and other topical remedies.

What to Expect When Browsing for CBD

Most cannabidiol comes in the form of oil. Because of this, they come in a range of strains and concentrations.

Strains and concentrations depend on the crop in question. High-CBD strains have low levels of THC and higher concentrations of cannabidiol.

The strains and concentrations of it also depend on the grower. Some growers specialize in growing high-CBD strains.

High-CBD strains don’t make users feel “stoned” or “high”. If anything, they help people relax and calm down. They’re also known to enhance concentration, while some strains can induce sleepiness.

A good way to find out about a strain’s concentration is to talk with a budtender. They can help you choose the right strain for your symptoms and ideal experience.

Need assistance learning how to take CBD oil?

Feel free to ask a budtender at your local dispensary. Depending on your dispensary, they may sell supplemental devices, like vaporizers.

Experience the Wonders of CBD for Yourself

The marijuana controversy is alive and well. But so is the cannabidiol medical community – and it’s only growing.

People aren’t just including oil as part of their health regimen. Nearly half of them are actually replacing their medications altogether with it.

Cannabidiol continues to pave the way for medical innovation. Every year, researchers and growers are developing new ways how to take CBD oil.

And as a result, thousands are finding relief from a myriad of diseases, disorders, and ailments.

It’ll be interesting to see where CBD is in a few years. And you can be a part of the movement! To find out how to introduce it to your community, contact Quantum 9 today!

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