Networking is an important part of any business. Therefore, it is especially important for new emerging industries, such as the cannabis industry. Illinois legalized recreational marijuana in January of 2020, and has made clear and consistent strides toward success. According to CBS Chicago, Illinois broke a record this month (August 2020) with $61 million worth of marijuana sales. Succesful marijuana licensing consultant and sponsor of the event, Michael Mayes, knows how important Illinois cannabis networking is for the Illinois market.

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NCIA Sponsors Cannabis Networking Event in Chicago

Yes, it was lit!

More than 50 reps from the National Cannabis Industry Association were present at the event, according to Chicago’s Fado Irish Pub hosted the event on September 16th. This event gave attendees a chance to meet other people in the industry. It’s especially important when you are starting out to network with established, as well as newcomers in the industry. You never know when a connection will come in handy, so staying on top of cannabis networking is a must.

Illinois Cannabis Networking

Timing is everything…

The event was held only 6 days before medical dispensary and cultivation program applications were closed. This was a smart business move, allowing the people in attendance to feel out their competition as well as work on cannabis networking. After all, the more people you know in the industry, the better.

Updated Laws Expand Opportunity for Illinois Cannabis Networking

Attendees to the Illinois Cannabis Networking Event Discuss New Business Opportunity

The medical marijuana program in Illinois has allowed for more opportunities for the new wave of applicants. This was a major topic of discussion during this years’ new working event. According to the new law, the state now allows twenty-two cultivation centers. The new limit for medical cannabis dispensaries in the state is sixty. This presents a ton of new opportunities for newbies trying to break into the industry. Similarly, it highlights why cannabis networking is so important.

ILCIA Speakers Discuss Advocacy in D.C. and Springfield, IL

Dan Linn and Aaron Smith, both from the Illinois Cannabis Industry association spoke about what the group is doing in the nation’s capital. They also discussed what they’ve been up to in Springfield. The ILCIA is a newer state affiliate. The goal of the group is to help along with political agendas pushing for the growth of the industry. This is why hosting the Illinois Cannabis Networking event is so important for the group!

This cannabis networking event is a huge part of political advocacy for the industry. It is sponsored by NCIA members and marijuana licensing consultant Quantum 9, CFO Worldwife, MJ Freeway, and a few others!

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