Cannabis Facility Design Services Consulting

The facility concept begins with market projections and analysis, as the size of the establishment and key constraints such as power, HVAC, and water purity determines its total production output. This concept, when fully vetted, culminates in the schematic design set. The schematic design set offers guidance in various parts of the project including an accurate estimate of revenue projections, which depend on upon a particular conceptual schematic design.

These are also used to determine the cost of construction, the cost of operation, and employee acquisition. Quantum 9 recommends considering the design of the facility before an attempt at calculating any revenue projections, on the plant size and efficiency are the largest limiting revenue factor.

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315,000 sq. ft. Cannabis Cultivation Design Concept

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Marijuana Floor Plan Design Consulting

No project is too large for the cannabis consultants at Quantum 9. If you have a massive project, and you are looking for an experienced marijuana consulting team, please feel free to reach out. Our CAD blueprints allow clear understanding as the multiple projects as a whole. Building cost estimates are calculated from the information contained in these drawings, which is a crucial part of any business plan involving a marijuana facilities. Designs also serve as proof of concept and adds validity to many areas of the Business Plan including capital expenditure, costs of goods sold, and operational overhead.

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3D Rendering

A 3D Rendering of the conceptual design can bring an idea to life. Add this item to any investor presentation or video about cannabis facility development to visually stimulate the audience, present a convincing concept, and create an eagerness to see the project through to realization.

Plant and Light Count

A plant and light count schematic design make it possible to estimate future yields and revenues accurately. The light number is based on a concept facility floor plan.

Q9 Marijuana Facility Design