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Michael Mayes, CEO of cannabis business consulting firm, Quantum 9.

Yahoo Finance mentioned Quantum 9 in an article. It is not the first time Quantum 9 has been named in the publication. Vida Cannabis Corporation mentioned the company because they used Quantum 9’s consulting services.

Vida Cannabis

Derek Ogden was named Chief Operating Officer of Vida Cannabis Corporation in 2014. Ogden was Chief Person in Charge, as well. He was previously president of Obsidian Consulting & Investigation. The company investigated bad medical devices. He hired Quantum 9 for cannabis business consulting services.

Vida Cannabis Corporation is a licensed Canadian producer of marijuana. The company previously worked with medical marijuana. But, Canadian voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2019. As a result, the entered the recreational cannabis business.

Consulting Services: Facility Design

Quantum 9 is particularly good at facility design. The company helped Vida purchase a 315,000 square-foot production facility. The license application required the applicant to describe where the facility will be. It is unquestionably an important part of the application.

In addition, Vida received an irrevocable approval from the municipality. The municipality must approve or the company will not receive a license. The application got approved because of Quantum 9’s expert consulting services.

Cannabis Business Consulting Services

Quantum 9 has a client success rate of 90.12. Vida Cannabis is only one of our successful clients. In addition to facility design, we also offer acquisition consulting.

Entering the cannabis industry can be very confusing. Hiring a company for cannabis business consulting can make to process a lot easier.

Every state has different cannabis laws. Additionally, every country has different cannabis laws. Quantum 9 helps make sure you are within the law.

Contact us if you have questions about cannabis business consulting. In other words, we would love to help you with you start your cannabis business.

You can read the article here.

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