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Justis Warhurst

Justis Warhurst is a highly qualified Consultant.  He has organized over 800 collectives in California. His area of expertise involves site selection, application preparation, organization, and application technical writing. He has worked independently and collectively with some of the largest cannabis businesses in the California market. This experience makes him the ideal resource from Quantum 9 to help aid in your license submission. Check out our licensing services page to give you a better understanding of our offerings.


No matter where you plan on submitting in California, Quantum 9 can help.

We specialize in helping new business owners navigate the complex issues and paperwork required to obtain a local and state cannabis license.  Work closely with our team during every step of the process.

With changing rules and regulations across the industry, including updated policies in California, it can be challenging for marijuana entrepreneurs to keep up with requirements and procedures. And if you’re looking to launch a California marijuana retail operation, you’ll also need an understanding of cannabis business best practices and compliance mandates.



Organized over 800 collectives in California..

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Project Management






Site Selection


Marijuana Licensing Consultant