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Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts

Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts are now available. Therefore, if you are looking to acquire a recreational / adult use license in Massachusettes. Look no further.

However, the process is very long and tedious. Therefore, you will need to gain local approval awhile submitting for your state license.

Quantum 9 Scope of Services for Cannabis Consulting Massachusetts

This article outlines Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts secrets from one of the best consulting firms in the world, Quantum 9.

The project with Quantum 9 includes extensive executive coaching over a twelve month period helping obtain local control as well as submit for state permits.

Quantum, marijuana consultants, project manage the entire submission process from initial idea to acquisition of the permit. Our expert marijuana consulting team can handle the business plan creationfacility design, application writing services, and help with your community involvement. We handle executive recruitment of your registered marijuana dispensary agents.  Our team can even help handle all of your lobbying and government relations.

Massachusetts State Approval – Step 1

First of all, a great business plan can help outline the goals of the organization and help determine the amount of capital required to obtain your goals. This is one of the first steps in the process. Second, the business plan can be used to help the local government understand your intentions. It can also be used to recruit Registered Dispensary Agents and out of state operating partners. Lastly, to aid in this, Quantum 9 handles all of the pro forma financial data required for your capitalization narrative. We assist with the location control documentation as well as help organize your formation documentation.

Application of Intent

Above all, one of the most important portions of the local application of intent is the Host Community Agreement. This agreement is required for the state to approve your application. This document is basically a sign off on the local government being ok with your location and intentions. This includes the submission of your Community Outreach Attestation Form Collection.

Community Outreach Meeting

Firstly theCannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts suggest setting up the required local community meeting. Quantum 9 offers assistance with the Community Outreach Meeting. Secondly, the outreach meeting must be approved by the state 6 months prior to the meeting happening. Lastly, our CannabisConsultant Massachusetts experts can assist with the Community Outreach Marketing, Municipality Town/ City Clerk Update and Filing, and Mailing of Abutters of the proposed Marijuana Establishment including the compliance with local zoning documentation.

Marijuan Consultant Massachusetts

Massachusetts Marijuana Recreational Consulting – Packet 1 Creation

Quantum 9’s Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts can help document the following:

  • First, we help create your Community Outreach Plan;
  • Second, we help outline the Positive Impact Plan;
    1. Which include, Hiring Plans;
      1. Methods for targeting the recruitment of the identified group(s); and
      2. Skills-based training programs, or a plan to include individuals previously trained by the Commission’s Social Equity Program.

Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts

Massachusetts Marijuana Recreational Consulting – Packet 2 Creation

Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts at Quantum 9 assists with the following background check items for Packet 2:

  • First, the Disclosure and Acknowledgement Form will be published to all team members; and
  • Lastly, we help you collect the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Acknowledgement Form if required.

Massachusetts Marijuana Recreational Consulting – Packet 3 Creation

Above all, for Packet 3, an incredible amount of work is required. For further clarity, the following scope can be provided by the Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts from Quantum 9.

  • Firstly, we help with the Facility Design;
    1. This includes the Architectural Plan Review Request From
  • Secondly, we help determine the Proposed Timeline to be Operational;
  • Thirdly, our cannabis consulting team can help you organize your Proof of Liability Insurance or Plan to Obtain Insurance;
  • Fourthly, our marijuana consultant will help collect the Formation Documentation Collection;
  • Fifthly, Quantum will help create a Staffing Plan;

Marijuana Plans and Procedures

  • Sixthly, our cannabis consultant experts can document all the Policies and Procedure that will be used within the facility, including;
    1. Security Plans and Procedures;
      1. Plans to prevent the diversion of marijuana products;
      2. Lighting, Physical Security, Video Surveillance, and Alarm
    2. Storage Procedures: Plans to Store marijuana products;
    3. Transportation Plans, if applicable, or indicate why it is not applicable;
    4. Inventory Procedures;
      1. Record Keeping Procedures
    5. Sanitation Plan; Quality Control and Contaminant Testing Procedures, as applicable under license type;
    6. Personnel Policies;
    7. Dispensing Procedures;
      1. Product Offering Procedures
      2. Patient Check-in Identification Verification Protocol;

Marketing and Additional Plans and Procedures

  • Seventh, our team can create your Labeling and Packaging Standards;
    1. Compliance Procedures including Renewal, Tax Payments, and State Authorization;
    2. Signage Procedures;
    3. Policies and Procedures for Maintaining Financial Records;
    4. Diversity plans to promote equity among women, minorities, veterans, people with disabilities, and people of all gender identities and sexual orientation.
      1. Set Goals: one or more desired outcomes of the plan; and
      2. Determine Programs: a detailed process for how to achieve those goals.

Our Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts assist with Setting Measurement and Accountability: metrics to assess whether the goals were achieved.

  1. Retailer-Specific: a description of the retail applicant’s plan to obtain marijuana products from a licensed Marijuana Establishment.
  • Provide proof of Client’s compliance or ability to comply with Massachusetts laws and regulations, particularly 935 CMR 500.000;
    1. The Client’s suitability for licensure based on 935 CMR 500.101(1), 500.800 and 500.801, which takes into consideration the suitability of any individual person listed on the application;
    2. Form 4506-T Collection;
    3. Release Authorization From Collection.

Quantum 9 Cannabis Consultant MassachusettsLocal Approval – City of Springfield

In addition, each municipality will require different information. The Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts have provided an example for the City of Springfield.

Buffering Write UP

Our services include a Buffering Write Up which includes the following;

  1. Provide documentation to Police Department, Fire Department, Board of Health, Building Commissioner, Zoning Administrator and the City Council – with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of all management staff and key-holders, including a minimum of two (2) operators or managers of the facility identified as contact persons to whom one can provide notice if there are operating problems associated with the establishment; and
  2. Annual Reporting Documentation;

Local Documentation Collection

  1. The Quantum 9 Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts come onsite to help with the onsite state inspection and provide Inspection Protocol Documentation;
    1. Collection of Host Community Agreement;
    2. Proof of Liability Insurance Collection;
    3. Site Control Documentation Collection;
    4. Evidence of Community Outreach Meeting;
    5. Collection of Notarized Documentation;
  2. Security Measures Documentation;

Detailed Floor Plan

The floor plan includes the following layers:

  1. First. we create the Limited Access Layers;
  2. Second, our security team provide a Vault Design;
  3. Third, all the Camera Lines of Sights are visually shown;
  4. Forth, we indicate where all Motion Detector placements; and
  5. Lastly. where all the Panic Button are Located.

Operational Plans

The Quantum 9 operational plans include the following:

  • Odor Control Plan;
  • Detailed Sign Plan;
    1. Traffic Impact Study;
  • Management Plan;

Operational Procedures

The following Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts expert operational procedures can be provided.

  • Operating Procedures;
    1. Including, Marketing and Advertising Plan;
    2. Also, Waste Disposal Plan and Transportation Plan;
    3. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan;
    4. Security Plan;
    5. Decommissioning of the ADULT USE MARIJUANA ESTABLISHMENT Plan.
  • City of Springfield Application Packet Assistance;
    1. Assist with Building Permit Acquisition;
    2. Tax Compliance Review;
  • Site Plan Creation Assistance;
    1. Community Outreach Plan.
    2. City Council Review Prior (65-93 Day) and
      1. City Council Meeting Assistance.

marijuana strains

Massachusetts Consultant Massachusetts Dispensary Operational Consulting 

Once you have acquired your local and state approval, the Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts can offer operational assistance to get your recreational marijuana store up and running. Our team can help run your facility for up to 2 Year once operational. Our services cover:

  1. Firstly, Management Recruitment;
    1. Assistance with Marijuana Establishment Agent Registration.
  2. Secondly, Marijuana Industry Best Practices Consulting;
  3. Thirdly, Security Design Support;
  4. Fourthly, Technology Planning;
  5. After that, our technology team puts together a Technology Diagraming;
    1. Metric Training.
  6. Then, our cannabis consultants provide Employee Dispensing Trainings;
    1. Onsite and Offsite
    2. Patient and Employee Education Plan.
  7. In addition, we help with an Accounting and Sales Forecasting;
    1. Tax Prediction and Compliance.
  8. After that, we do a comprehensive Legal Compliance review; and
  9. Lastly, a Marketing Plan.
Investing in Cannabis

Cannabis Investments

Pricing and Budgeting

In conclusion, here are some final thoughts on how our Cannabis Consultant Massachusetts experts can help. If you are interested in doing a project like this, a ridiculous amount of capital is required. Meaning, expect to pay between $350,000 to $1,000,000 on permit acquisition services, this covers all services including spends outside of Q9. The range depends on the area you are submitting in and the level of competition. For example, the largest cities have the largest population which in turn means the market size and opportunity is higher. Therefore, with high interest, the more capital will need to be deployed to get what you want. Here is a quick overview of what you should budget for these operations. Investments include, Cultivation $3M-$6M, Extraction $750k-$2M, Retail: $400k-$1M. Lastly, there are so many factors that will affect the price, the range we have provided are based on the projects we have done and seen through completion.

Other areas within the United States you can submit outside of Massachusetts are the following.


New York


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Quantum 9, Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm. We specialize in getting high net worth individuals and private equity cannabis business licenses to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense marijuana. We have over 50 marijuana consultants that work for the company, and we have practiced in 12 countries. Our areas of expertise include permit acquisition, team building, employee training planning, and process planning. We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary business.

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