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Cannabis Consultant in Nevada

Cannabis in Nevada is legal for persons 21 years of age and older, and the cultivation and sale of cannabis are regulated similar to other legal businesses. According to the Marijuana Business Daily Factbook 2021,  adult-use sales will reach $800M-$1.1B by 2022. So, if you want a cannabis business, you can work with a cannabis consultant in Nevada in order to submit a competitive application for your desired cannabis establishment. Multiple license types are available and different license types allow you to perform different tasks. Read along to learn about available opportunities for you.

cannabis consultant in NevadaWhat License Types are Available?

To begin with, Nevada offers multiple license types. This includes a marijuana cultivation facility license, a marijuana distributor license, and a marijuana product manufacturing license, a marijuana testing facility license, and a retail store license.

Marijuana Cultivation Facility in Nevada

If you have a marijuana cultivation facility in Nevada, you have the authority to grow, process, and package marijuana. You are then able to have marijuana tested by a testing facility, sell marijuana to retail marijuana stores, product manufacturing facilities, and to other cultivation facilities. With this license type, you are not able to sell directly to the consumer.

Rules and Regulations for Cultivation Licenses

The department creates specific rules and regulations for cannabis cultivation licenses in Nevada. With that, you need to state how you will comply with these rules and regulations within your cannabis business plan.

First, you need to track your marijuana product. This includes tagging your marijuana correctly, tracking the different stages of growth, identifying THC content, and more. A cannabis consultant in Nevada can make sure that the seed-to-sale tracking system is in compliance with all state regulations.

Marijuana Consultant in Nevada

For information on wholesale cannabis tax returns, click here.

Marijuana Distributor License in Nevada

With this license type, you have the authority to transport marijuana from a marijuana establishment to another marijuana establishment. Also, licensed marijuana distributors are the only entities that are able to deliver marijuana. Lastly, marijuana distributors in Nevada can not store marijuana or marijuana products overnight and can only provide direct transport services.

If you want more information on the application process for a marijuana distributor license, our Cannabis Consulting firm in Nevada recommends taking a look at the application.

Product Manufacturing License in Nevada

A product manufacturing license in Nevada allows you to purchase marijuana and manufacture, process, and package marijuana products. Additionally, you are able to sell marijuana and marijuana products to other product manufacturing facilities and retail marijuana stores. So, if you have an interest in producing cannabis items such as edibles, ointments, and tinctures, our Nevada cannabis license consultants suggest this license type is perfect for you.

Rules and Regulations for Edible Marijuana Products

If you have a cannabis manufacturing license in Nevada and want to produce edibles, you have to make sure you are in compliance with rules and regulations. This includes:

  • Making sure you have a written authorization from the Department to prepare edible marijuana products
  • Ensuring edible marijuana products are sold according to applicable requirements
  • Lastly, being responsible for the content and quality of edibles

All of these requirements must be included within your cannabis business plan. Make sure to talk to a cannabis consultant in Nevada, so that you can have the correct information within your adult-use cannabis license application.

Testing Facility License in Nevada

With a testing facility license in Nevada, you are able to test marijuana and marijuana products for potency and contaminants.

Utilize a Cannabis Consultant in Nevada to Win Retail Store License

Lastly, a retail store license allows the licensee to purchase marijuana from cultivation facilities, marijuana and marijuana products from manufacturing facilities, and marijuana from other retail stores. Dispensaries in Nevada are highly profitable, and retail establishments can deliver marijuana without a separate license.

Retail store licenses in Nevada have specific requirements as well. For example, this includes requirements for:

  • Operations and hours of operations
  • The duties of the marijuana establishment agent before sale to the consumer
  • Valid proof of identification of age of the consumer
  • Prohibition on sales that exceed the maximum amount of usable marijuana
  • Restrictions on sales and certain advertising methods
  • Storage and location of products, disclosure of marijuana testings, etc.

Remember, all of the information above needs to be proven within your business plan. Make sure to work with a cannabis consultant in Nevada in order to ensure no information is missing from your application.

Cannabis Delivery in Nevada

Additionally, if you have a cannabis retail store license in Nevada, you are also able to deliver cannabis directly to the consumer.

With that, there are very specific rules and regulations if you want to do so. For example, the delivery must be made by a marijuana establishment agent employed by a retail marijuana store or independent contractor. Additionally, the Department needs to be notified that your cannabis retail store is conducting deliveries.

Other rules and regulations apply, but you do not need a separate license to deliver cannabis to consumers, unlike other states. For more information take a look at section 453D.572 in the bill.

Lastly, our cannabis consulting firm in Nevada recommends taking advantage of delivery as more and more consumers are accustomed to it.

Cannabis Consumption Lounge in Nevada

Lastly, Nevada recently added cannabis consumption lounge licenses to its marijuana program. Additionally, these licenses are increasing in popularity and becoming attractive to both cannabis entrepreneurs and consumers.

For more information on any of these license types, make sure to reach out to our cannabis consultants in Nevada at Quantum 9.

Marijuana Consultant in Nevada

Cannabis Consultant in Nevada | Application Fees

Each license type in Nevada has different application fees. Let’s take a look at some of these fees.

For the initial issuance of an adult-use cannabis establishment license for an adult-use cannabis retail store, the fee is $20,000. Additionally, for the renewal of this license type, the fee is $6,600.

If you have interest in a cannabis cultivation facility in Nevada, the initial license fee is $30,000. The renewal fee is $10,000.

The initial issuance fee for an adult-use production facility is $10,000 and the renewal fee is 3,300.

For testing facilities in Nevada, the initial fee is $15,000 and the renewal is $5,000. The fee is the same for cannabis distributor licenses in Nevada.

Lastly, if you want a cannabis consumption lounge license in Nevada, the initial and renewal fee is $10,000.

Remember, the higher the fees, the more profitable the business. Talk to our cannabis consultants in Nevada about the best option for you.

Reducing Fees

Lastly, the board has the authority to reduce application fees for social equity applicants. To find out if you or an applicant qualify as social equity applicants in Nevada, make sure to contact our cannabis consulting firm.

Win a Cannabis License in Nevada

To conclude, the adult-use cannabis application process in Nevada can be a handful. The state plans on opening the cannabis application pool this year, so it is never too early to start a marijuana business application in Nevada. Contact our cannabis consultants in Nevada to learn how to apply for an adult-use cannabis license in Nevada. Our cannabis consulting firm in Nevada will make the cannabis license application process seamless for you. We have the highest success rate in the industry and are eager to help you win an adult-use cannabis license and start a cannabis business in Nevada.

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