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North Dakota Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis laws in North Dakota are changing, and legal cannabis sales may begin in July 2022. The new legislation, HB 1420, would allow adults 21 and older to possess and purchase marijuana products. However, with this legalization home cultivation would not be allowed. With that, this bill still has a long way to go until anything becomes official. But as more states legalize cannabis we can expect North Dakota to join the trend. Our North Dakota cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 are eager about this market and explain the bill in further detail. So, if you want a cannabis business license in North Dakota, make sure to reach out to our cannabis consultants so that you can win a license.

North Dakota Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis Business License in North Dakota

Once the cannabis laws in North Dakota are set in place, individuals and entities shall be able to apply for a cannabis business license. To begin with, in order to produce, process, sell, possess, consume, transport, or transfer cannabis you need a cannabis business license. In order to obtain a license to sell or perform other tasks with marijuana, you should work with a cannabis business consultant on the application. The cannabis business licensing is competitive so it is essential that an expert consulting team completes the application for you.

Marijuana Consultant in North Dakota

How Many Cannabis Businesses are Allowed in North Dakota?

Within the legislation, it states that as of July 1, 2023, the department may not register more than seven adult-use cannabis businesses. Additionally, these seven businesses can only operate as manufacturing facilities. As for adult-use cannabis dispensaries in North Dakota, the legislation will initially allow eighteen dispensary businesses within the state.

How Does the Department Grade Applications?

First, the department in North Dakota establishes an open application period for the submission of adult-use cannabis business applications. Within the open application period, the department reviews the application using a competitive process.

Manufacturing Facility License in North Dakota

If you operate a manufacturing facility in North Dakota you can produce and process marijuana products. This includes acquiring, possessing, storing, transferring, and transporting cannabis and adult-use cannabis products. These cannabis products can then be sold to a dispensary.

Dispensary License in North Dakota

If you have a dispensary business license in North Dakota, you can purchase adult-use cannabis products from a manufacturing facility. This includes storing, delivering, transferring, and transporting adult-use cannabis products. Later, you can dispense adult-use cannabis products to consumers.

Also, a manufacturing facility and dispensary are not able to enter an agreement under which a dispensary agrees to limit purchases or sale of adult-use cannabis products to one manufacturing facility. Additionally, an individual or entity can not hold an ownership interest in:

  • More than one manufacturing facility
  • More than four dispensaries
  • Lastly, more than one dispensary within a twenty-mile radius of another dispensary

The application process differs based on what cannabis business license in North Dakota you decide to apply for. Contact our North Dakota cannabis consultants to choose what cannabis business license works best for your needs. We can help you write the following required information that is essential for your cannabis business plan in North Dakota:

  • Security and Safety Plan
  • Inventory Control Plan
  • Operation Plan
  • Any other information needed for your application

You can take a closer look at the bill here. Below are some of the possession rules:

legal cannabis in north dakota


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