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Arkansas’ medical marijuana program is offering new cannabis licenses. So, if you want a processor or transporter license, now is the time for you to start your cannabis application in Arkansas.

The state’s medical marijuana amendment never put a limit on licenses. With that, the commission is to consider applications as they roll in. Our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9 are here to explain the application process for a medical cannabis license within this state.

To begin with, Arkansas’ medical marijuana industry has grown since the passing of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Agreement in 2016. Currently, there are around 40 medical marijuana dispensaries within the state. Finally, a recreational marijuana market may be available in Arkansas soon as the Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative should be on the 2021 ballot.

cannabis application in arkansas

Qualifications for a Cannabis Application in Arkansas

There are a few requirements for a cannabis license in Arkansas. These include:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must be a current resident of Arkansas and must be a resident for 7 consecutive years.
  • Additionally, you can not have a license for a cultivation facility or dispensary that is revoked.
  • Also, you can not already own a cultivation facility in the state of Arkansas.
  • You can not have or have a conviction for a felony.
  • Finally, if you possess a professional license, you have to make sure the license is in good standing. Also, you can not have any outstanding tax delinquencies that you owe the state.

For more information on the process of a cannabis application in Arkansas, contact our cannabis business consultants at Quantum 9.

Processor License in Arkansas

A processor license in Arkansas allows for the business to produce medical marijuana products. These products include items like vapes and edibles. Additionally, processors are able to accept products from cultivators, additional processors, and dispensaries.

Transporter License in Arkansas

A transporter license in Arkansas allows you to deliver products among cultivators, dispensaries, processors, and testing laboratories. With this license, you can not directly deliver to patients.

Cannabis Application for Arkansas

Thankfully, the application process for both of the licenses in Arkansas will not be competitive. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of licenses that the commission awards. The commission is to review cannabis applications in Arkansas as they are submitted. With that, the commission predicts that around 12 licenses should be available to applicants. Additionally, they are looking for applicants who have experience within the medical marijuana or agriculture industry.

The application fee is $5,000 and you must have a $100,000 bond.

Finally, if these requirements match your qualifications, work with a cannabis consultant in Arkansas to guarantee a cannabis license win in this state.

The cannabis application in Arkansas can be found here. Click here for an easy and efficient application process in Arkansas.

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