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Cannabis businesses for sale

From cultivation to testing, learn about the different types of cannabis businesses for sale.

Cannabis Businesses and Licenses for Sale

Online Market for Buying and Selling Cannabis Businesses

Are you looking for cannabis businesses for sale? Would you like to buy a cannabis business? How about listing your cannabis business for sale? Well, you are in the right place.

Quantum 9’s cannabis M&A advisors developed this page to help you buy and sell cannabis businesses. Here, you will find not only cannabis businesses for sale but also cannabis licenses for sale. Our cannabis consultants have access to assets for sale in the most sought-after markets. Since 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of clients start cannabis businesses in 27 U.S. States and 6 countries. Thus, our inventory of cannabis businesses for sale is matched by none other.

Types of Cannabis Businesses

Choosing the correct license type when buying a cannabis business is the first step.

When browsing our cannabis businesses for sale, you must pay close attention to the license type affiliated with the company. When buying a cannabis business, depending on the market, each license will have specifically authorized conduct. 

For instance, a cultivation license in one market will only allow you to cultivate cannabis and sell cannabis flower to other licensees. At the same time, a cultivation license in another market will allow you also to process the cannabis flower into products. Thus, it’s vital that you understand the authorized conduct of the license affiliated with the cannabis business for sale. 

Luckily, our cannabis M&A advisors include the authorized conduct of the cannabis businesses for sale in the listing descriptions. 

In general, the types of cannabis businesses for sale include: 

  • Cultivation
  • Processing/Manufacturing 
  • Dispensary/Retail
  • Transportation
  • Delivery
  • Testing

Some markets may have fewer or more types of cannabis business licenses. Things can get confusing when trying to understand cannabis businesses for sale. For this reason, we suggest you fill out the contact form below to have your questions answered by our cannabis M&A advisors



Quantum 9’s cannabis M&A advisors have helped complete over $42M in transactions within the last twelve months. 


Business Model

Licensing & Compliance



Guide on Buying a Cannabis Business for Sale

Cannabis businesses are extremely valuable assets. The license alone can be worth millions. If you are a license holder and are operational, the license is worth up to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, depending on the license type and market.

Whether you are a current cannabis operator looking to expand or a new entrant into the industry, the following step-by-step guide will educate you on how to buy a cannabis business for sale.

Our firm, Quantum 9, specializes in helping entrepreneurs become cannabis business owners, whether through winning license applications or cannabis mergers and acquisitions. In our experience, many of our clients who become cannabis business owners are faced with deciding whether to apply for or buy their next cannabis business license.

Thus, we crafted this guide for those seeking to buy a cannabis business or license. Below, you will find a step-by-step guide from our cannabis M&A advisors on how to buy a cannabis business for sale.

Step 1 - Determine if Transferring Ownership of the Cannabis License is Allowed

Step 2 - Identify Cannabis Businesses or Licenses for Sale

Step 3 - Review the Offering Memorandum

Step 4 - Valuation

Step 5 - Draft Letter of Intent

Step 6 - Due Diligence

Step 7 - Structuring the Deal

Step 8 - Draft Purchase Agreement

Step 9 - Transfer the License

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