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If you're ready to venture into the psilocybin industry, our psilocybin consultants have the solution

Psilocybin Business Planning

Use our elegant psilocybin business plans to present to investors, build local support, and get a head start on your license application

License Application Consulting

Sit back and allow our psilocybin business consultants to write your license application, assist with facility design, team recruitment, municipal approval, and more.

Operations Support

Use our psilocybin consultants for construction management, equipment selection, training employees, branding, and more.

Psilocybin Business Consultants

For the first time, you can start a legal psilocybin business within the U.S. The psilocybin industry is emerging, and our psilocybin business consultants can usher you into this uncharted industry.

Like cannabis, you’ll need a psilocybin business license to operate. The licensing process is highly similar. Our psilocybin consulting firm has over a decade of winning cannabis licenses in the most competitive markets around the world.

Work with our psilocybin license consultants to win a license and start your psilocybin business.

Contact a psilocybin consultant

Quantum 9’s CEO, Michael Mayes, discusses psilocybin business licensing and the emerging industry in a recent interview on Pro Cannabis Media.

Our Psilocybin Business Consultants Are Featured In

First regulated adult-use psilocybin market

Oregon is the first state ever to license and regulate adult-use psilocybin services. You can begin applying for psilocybin business licenses on January 2, 2023. But entrepreneurs are already laying the groundwork for their future psilocybin businesses.

Plan your psilocybin business

Take your first steps into the industry with our psilocybin business consultants. The industry is a blank slate. Start planning your psilocybin business today.

Psilocybin License Consulting

Team up with our psilocybin consultants to apply for and win a psilocybin business license. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on the things you enjoy.

Psilocybin Business Licensing Opportunities

psilocybin consultants in Colorado

Colorado Psilocybin Consultants: How To Win A License

Our Colorado psilocybin business consultants discuss how to prepare for and win licenses for healing centers and trained facilitators.
Oregon psilocybin testing laboratory licenses

Psilocybin Testing Laboratory Licenses in Oregon

Would you like to win a psilocybin testing laboratory license in Oregon and be one of the first in this potentially expanding wellness and healthcare medical market? Final rules have been posted and…

Oregon Psilocybin Business Consultants: How to win a license

Team up with our Oregon psilocybin business consultants to apply for and win a psilocybin license in Oregon.


Client Testimonials

We engaged the team with 14 days left, and Quantum 9 was able to work within our budget to get everything submitted on time. Only three licenses were awarded in the entire State of Delaware, and we were fortunate enough to obtain one with the guidance of a team of dedicated consultants.

Jennifer StarkOwner of EZY CURE LLC

It is with great honor that we recommend Quantum 9, Inc. as consultants for their excellence in the cannabis industry. Their attentiveness, attention to detail, and pragmatic thinking were instrumental in our understanding of the taxation of medical cannabis.

Dr. Harald TerpeMember of Parliament

With only 21 days to submit, the consultants at Quantum 9 produced a winning application by guiding us in all aspects of the submission including strategy, community engagement, standard operating procedure creation, narrative writing, and municipal approval. We won one of four licenses in a competitive market by outcompeting California giants such as Cookies, MedMen, Stiiizy, and Phenos, amongst others.

Rajwinder Kaur BalPresident of Doctor's Choice Modesto

Having owned and operated dispensaries in Washington state, we were impressed by Quantum 9’s knowledge base and procedural documentation ranging from inventory management to security. I express the highest recommendation for Quantum 9 for their unwavering commitment to providing us with consulting services that helped us win six adult-use Dispensary License in Illinois. With the assistance of Quantum 9, we received a perfect score on our license applications.

Gregory ElliottPresident of World of Weed, Inc.