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Cannabis Consulting Services in Kansas

Our cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 are excited to announce that a medical cannabis bill has finally been introduced in Kansas. With that, we may see a legal medical marijuana market in the next couple of years. If all goes as planned, Kansas would be the 37th state to legalize a medical marijuana program in the United States. The passing of this bill is likely. Therefore, make sure to use our cannabis consulting services in Kansas so that you can open a cannabis business within the state.

Kansas Cannabis Consultant

Medical Marijuana in Kansas

In order to legally use cannabis within Kansas, you need a medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana cards shall be issued to patients with qualifying conditions. In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card you have to:

  • Submit a certification from a medical provider
  • Have a temporary or permanent medical condition. Specifically, these qualifying conditions must limit one’s ability to conduct major life activities. We can expect the medical marijuana market to be strict initially.

cannabis consulting services in kansas

Home Cultivation for Medical Marijuana in Kansas

Patients and caregivers are able to grow and possess cannabis under this act. Regulations for home cultivation require patients to notify the agency if they do plan to cultivate.

Cannabis Consulting Services in Kansas for Entrepreneurs

With this medical marijuana program, an individual or entity is able to obtain a cannabis business license. The cannabis industry is very profitable so the competition for these licenses is often high. Make sure to contact our cannabis consultants in Kansas for more information about how to apply.

With that, the state would create a new Kansas Medical Cannabis Agency that would regulate the market. They will perform tasks, such as:

  • Establish rules to track adverse events, product recalls, as well as complaints
  • Establish and maintain a database to track cannabis from seed to sale
  • Propose rules and regulations

With that, any qualified applicants for grower, processor, dispensary, or lab licenses shall be approved. In order to open a cannabis business in Kansas, you must have lived within the state for the past two years.

Recreational Cannabis in Kansas

In addition to this new medical marijuana program, Kansas is pushing for a recreational market as well.  With that, a medical marijuana program is more likely to pass in Kansas. The proposal is still in its early stages, but our cannabis consultants in Kansas are eager to see this bill pass.

For more information about the cannabis industry in Kansas, contact us for cannabis consulting services.

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