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Cannabis Business Planning

Use our elegant business plans to present to investors, build local support, and get a head start on your license application

License Application Consulting

Sit back and allow us to write your application, assist with facility design, team recruitment, municipal approval, and more.

Advisory  Services

Use our cannabis consultants for construction management, equipment selection, training employees, branding, and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our cannabis consultants offer sell-side and buy-side advisory services for mergers and acquisitions.

Quantum 9 is a Chicago-based, cannabis consulting firm helping entrepreneurs win licenses and start cannabis businesses.

Since 2012, our cannabis consultants have helped clients become cannabis business owners in over 27 US states and 6 countries.

We understand how it feels to risk your time and money on an application that may not win a license. Let’s face it, applying for a cannabis license is complex and time-consuming, and not to mention costly.

Save time and money by allowing our marijuana consultants to manage your cannabis license application from start to finish. We believe everyone deserves a chance to participate in the booming cannabis industry. Schedule an appointment today to learn how our cannabis consultants can help you win a cannabis license.

Our Marijuana Consultants Are Featured In

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Our Marijuana Consultants work with clients in over 27 States and 6 Countries

Within the USA, our marijuana business consultants helped clients win cannabis licenses in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Delaware, West Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, California, Maine, Colorado, Ohio, and more.

Internationally, our cannabis consultants have helped clients win marijuana licenses in Germany, France, Israel, Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Canada.



Client Testimonials

Upcoming Cannabis License Application Opportunities

Ohio cannabis license consultants
Cannabis Licensing

Ohio Cannabis License Consultants: Adult use Business Licenses

***Updated 01/31/2024***     Our Ohio cannabis license consultants successfully obtained a license in the 2021/2022 Ohio medical marijuana dispensary license lottery, a feat in and of itself! We are prepared to do the…
Richmond, Virginia pharmaceutical processor license
Cannabis Licensing

Virginia Pharmaceutical Processor License

Would you like to win a Virginia Pharmaceutical Processor License? In 2021, the Commonwealth legalized personal possession, cultivation, and sharing of cannabis for all adults. However, the General Assembly subsequently declined to enact the…
Georgia Dispensing License Consultants
Cannabis Licensing

Georgia Dispensing License Consultants

Would you like to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Georgia? In the article below, our Georgia dispensing license consultants provide a step-by-step guide to the full application process. But first, let's take…

Minnesota Cannabis Business Consultants

Our Minnesota cannabis business consultants detail how to win the proposed upcoming adult-use cannabis business licenses in Minnesota.
Economic Impact of regulating Cannabis in Minnesota

Economic Benefits of Regulating Cannabis in Minnesota

A summary of the economic benefits of regulating cannabis in Minnesota, including market size, tax revenue, job creation, and more.

Letters of Recommendation Written about our Cannabis Consultants

Illinois’s Senator Michael Jacobs Letter of Recommendation

September 13, 2016

German Ministry Recommendation

February 2, 2015

Kentucky’s Senator Perry Clark Letter of Recommendation

December 10, 2013