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Would you like assistance with your microbusiness license application? Our Missouri cannabis business consultants have a proven record of winning cannabis licenses in over 27 US states, including Missouri, and we’re prepared to help you do the same.

Although the application has not been published, there are steps you can take now to improve your chances of winning a license. In this article, our Missouri cannabis consultants dive into eight actionable steps you can take to now to prepare yourself for winning a Missouri microbusiness license.

However, before we discuss the steps, the first part of this article summarizes the adult-use program and the application process.

Missouri Cannabis Business Consultants – How to Win a License

Laws & Regulations

Our cannabis consultants in Missouri suggest you begin by reading the laws and rules of the cannabis program. More specifically, you should read the following:

Moreover, you should know that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) oversees the cannabis program and approves all cannabis business applications. Check their website regularly to remain informed.


The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) accepted the second round of microbusiness license applications April 15 – 29, 2024. The application window is now closed. Issuance of licenses is expected to occur July 2024.

The timeline below is summarizes the second round of microbusiness licenses:

Missouri Cannabis Business Consultants timeline

Types of Licenses in Missouri

Now that you’re aware of important dates regarding the adult-use cannabis applications in Missouri, below are the adult-use cannabis licenses that Missouri will issue:

  • Microbusiness Dispensary (retail)
  • Microbusiness Wholesale Facilities (cultivation and manufacturing)

Important to note, the cannabis microbusiness wholesale license in Missouri limits you to a maximum of 250 flowering plants at any given time.

The Department will issue six (6) microbusiness licenses in each of the eight (8) Missouri congressional districts (as shown below). Of the six (6) in each district, two (2) will be microbusiness dispensaries, and four (4) will be wholesale facilities.

Missouri cannabis license consulting

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a Missouri cannabis microbusiness license, your applying entity must be majority-owned by individuals who each meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a net worth of less than $250,000 and have had an income below two hundred and fifty percent of the federal poverty level; or
  • Have a valid service-connected disability card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, or successor agency; or
  • Be a person who has been, or a person whose parent, guardian or spouse has been arrested for, prosecuted for, or convicted of a non-violent marijuana offense, except for a conviction involving provision of marijuana to a minor, or a conviction of driving under the influence of marijuana. The arrest, charge, or conviction must have occurred at least one year prior to the effective date of this section; or
  • Reside in a ZIP code or census tract area where:
    • Thirty percent or more of the population lives below the federal poverty level; or
    • The rate of unemployment is fifty percent higher than the state average rate of unemployment; or
    • The historic rate of incarceration for marijuana-related offenses is fifty percent higher than the rate for the entire state; or
  • Graduated from a school district that was unaccredited, or had a similar successor designation, at the time of graduation, or has lived in a zip code containing an unaccredited school district, or similar successor designation, for three of the past five years.

Not sure if you qualify? Contact our Missouri cannabis consulting firm to help you determine if you’re eligible for a microbusiness license.

Application Process

The Missouri microbusiness license application will be a random lottery drawing. However, you will have to prepare an application that would allow you to qualify for the lottery. For instance, to enter the lottery for a Missouri microbusiness license, you must submit the following:

  • List of all owners;
  • Proposed address of the facility;
  • Proposed blueprints that outline entire facility and feature all rooms and areas clearly labeled, including purpose and square footage, camera locations,
    limited access areas, and access permissions;
  • For facilities that will be cultivating marijuana, the cultivation practices(s) (indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse) used by the facility, and, if using a combination of practices, the ratio of cultivation space limits for each cultivation practice;

You also must pay an application fee of $1,500.

Guide on How to Win a Missouri Cannabis Microbusiness License

Now that you are familiar with the Missouri microbusiness license application process let’s explore eight steps you can take to take now to improve your chances of submitting a complete application.

Step 1: Read the Laws and Rules

As stated above, the first step to winning an adult-use cannabis license in Missouri is to read the rules and regulations. Ultimately, this ensures you’re up to speed on all the information necessary to submit a competitive application.

Don’t have time to read hundreds of pages of laws and rules? Move onto step 2, which is to partner with a Missouri cannabis consultant.

Step 2: Engage a Missouri cannabis business consultant

We recommend you contact a cannabis consultant in Missouri to maximize the success of your microbusiness license application. Quantum 9 has been winning licenses for over a decade, including medical licenses in Missouri. Our Missouri cannabis business consultants can manage your application from start to finish, including assistance with real estate.

Step 3: Register a business entity

Next, you will need to form a business entity for your adult-use cannabis application in Missouri. We find that most marijuana applicants form LLCs or corporations for their applications. That said, consult with your attorney to decide what entity is best for your business.

Step 4: Create a business plan

If you’re planning to raise capital for your venture, it is a good idea to develop a business plan that clearly communicates your goals and the return on investment for investors.

During the license application process, you’ll need capital to pay for a property, attorneys, architects, consultants, and more. Furthermore, you’ll need significant capital to launch your microbusiness if awarded a license.

Step 5: Raise capital

As described in the previous step, if you plan to raise capital, our Missouri cannabis consultants suggest beginning on this as soon as possible. Work with Quantum 9 to develop a cannabis business plan to impress investors.

Step 6: Identify a location

You must secure a facility for your Missouri microbusiness license application. When doing make, make sure the facility is zoned correctly and complies with the state and local requirements.

Also, as discussed above, Missouri is split into eight (8) congressional districts, and the state will issue 6 microbusiness licenses in each congressional district. Keep this in mind when choosing your location.

Step 7: Garner local support

As part of your application, you must provide evidence that your facility is appropriately zoned. Additionally, you’ll have to provide evidence that your facility complies with the local ordinances. Our Missouri cannabis consultants recommend working with the local government to prove your facility complies.

Step 8: Write & submit your Missouri cannabis business application

Finally, it’s time to write your adult-use cannabis license application. Your application must include all items outlined in the Application Process section above. If your submitted material does not meet the requirements, your application will be denied entry into the lottery.

Why risk your capital on an application that would get disqualified? Reduce your risk and stress by working with our Missouri cannabis consultants. Let Quantum 9 complete your application for you.


In conclusion, save yourself time and money, and contact the cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for help on your Missouri microbusiness license application. Don’t miss your opportunity to enter this $1 billion+ cannabis market at the ground level.

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