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Vermont is the 11th state to legalize an adult-use cannabis program in the United States. With that, we should see the application window open up for cannabis licenses in Vermont soon. Make sure to contact our cannabis consultant in Vermont at Quantum 9 for an easy and successful application process.

Whether you would like help writing your application, designing a floor plan for your facility, or recruiting a top-notch team, our Vermont Cannabis Consultants will help you put together a winning license application.

cannabis consultant in vermont

The governor of Vermont recently took the next steps in implementing legal cannabis sales in Vermont and hired three new seats for the regulatory board. Additionally, the regulatory board in Vermont is hired for the “purpose of safety, equitability, and effectively, implementing and administering the laws and rules regulating adult-use cannabis in Vermont.” This is a big step in the legalization process and will allow for cannabis licenses in Vermont to be available sooner than later.

Rules for Cannabis Licenses in Vermont

The board needs to develop rules for cannabis regulations, safety, and other oversight activities. With that, they will also make the rules for licensing, which is important if you want a cannabis business in Vermont. A cannabis consultant in Vermont can guide you through the rules that the board implements. Here are some rules and regulations that the board in Vermont made:

  • The board develops a symbol for cannabis products.
  • Cannabis products can not include nicotine or alcoholic beverages.
  • The board determines qualifications for licensees. This where a cannabis consultant in Vermont becomes incredibly important.
  • Cannabis establishments will not allow anyone under 21 to enter premises with cannabis.

Taxation for Cannabis Products

Retail cannabis products in Vermont are to have a 20 percent tax. This includes a 14 percent excise tax and Vermont’s’ 6 percent sales tax. Also, the sales tax portion will go to after-school and summer programs. These programs will be in underserved areas within Vermont. Additionally, 30 percent of the cannabis tax revenue goes to a substance misuse prevention program.

However, medical cannabis sales from dispensaries are tax-free to both patients and caregivers.

When Can I Contact a Cannabis Consultant in Vermont for Application Writing

Feel free to contact a cannabis consultant in Vermont at any time. As always, it is better to start the application process sooner than later. By January 15, 2022, the board is to report to the legislature on whether the legislature should consider additional license types. These cannabis licenses include delivery, craft cooperative, and special events. With that, by March 1, 2022, final rules are to be adopted for adult-use cannabis establishments. Finally, the board is to begin issuing licenses by May 2022.

All in all, the adult-use cannabis market in Vermont is on the way to success. Lastly, if you want a cannabis business within this state, make sure to talk to our cannabis consultants in Vermont for an easy application process.

Vermont Cannabis License Consultant

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