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Cannabis M&A Advisors

Cannabis mergers and acquisitions have the potential to create significant value and we partner with clients to maximize the success of their sale or purchase. Our cannabis M&A advisors have extensive M&A transaction experience. What sets us apart is that our team has successfully owned, operated, and sold cannabis businesses across the nation.

Our Promise

Why Quantum 9?

Our network of sellers and buyers in the cannabis industry is extensive. Our cannabis M&A brokers have supported some of the cannabis industry's largest transactions, working successfully with leading multi- and single-state operators. We started in the industry in 2012 and have helped numerous entrepreneurs start cannabis companies, creating an inventory unmatched by any other firm.

Whether you're selling or buying a cannabis company, when you work with Quantum 9, you'll have a team of cannabis M&A advisors that will work hard to negotiate a fair price and mutually beneficial terms for all parties. Integrity, combined with our deep network and expertise in the cannabis industry, positions you to receive the maximum value from the deal.

Cannabis M&A Services

Selling or buying a cannabis business is challenging and time-consuming. Our experienced cannabis M&A advisors will help you navigate the complexities of the highly regulated cannabis industry and achieve the best deal.

Our cannabis M&A consultants are business people who have successfully owned, operated, and sold cannabis businesses. Our unique transactional skills and operational experience are invaluable to successfully closing a deal and achieving your objectives.

Our cannabis M&A advisory services include:

  • Sell-Side Services
  • Buy Side Services
  • Strategic Advisory and Fairness Opinions

Selling a Cannabis Company

Selling your cannabis company is one of the most critical business decisions that you will make. You’ll want to achieve the maximum valuation while ensuring the acquirer is the right fit for your company and employees.

Use our market research, knowledge of the marijuana industry, network of potential acquirers, and valuation comparables to receive the best offer on your cannabis company.

Our Sell-Side Process

When you team up with Quantum 9, our cannabis M&A brokers will organize and manage a private controlled auction with a group of qualified buyers. Buyers will privately bid against each other for your cannabis business. When the private auction is completed, we review the competitive offers and assist you in negotiating with the finalists. Working with our cannabis M&A advisors, we will vigorously negotiate for a premium price with acceptable terms and conditions. In the end, you will make the final decision as to which deal is best for you. You then decide which one best suits your financial requirements. Our proven experience with this private auction technique aids in producing a favorable outcome for you.

Buying a Cannabis Company

If you are considering expanding your marijuana business through a targeted acquisition strategy, partner with our cannabis M&A advisors to minimize risks and maximize your return through a disciplined acquisition process. You’ll access our inventory of cannabis companies that have not yet hit the market. Since we win cannabis licenses in highly competitive states, we have relationships with licensees in the most sought-after markets.

Finding and acquiring a cannabis company is time-consuming. Let our cannabis consultants do the legwork so that your team can focus on managing your business during the acquisition process.

Our Buy-Side Process

Our cannabis M&A process starts by working with you to develop clear acquisition criteria. Then our cannabis M&A advisors will identify targets and qualified sellers that meet your objectives. Upon your approval, we’ll contact the target cannabis companies and begin negotiations. In short, our cannabis M&A brokers will present you with a qualified group of cannabis companies that meet your criteria and are interested in selling at fair price and terms. 

Valuations and Fairness Opinoins

Get our cannabis mergers and acquisitions advisors’ perspective on whether the price to be paid or received for a cannabis company is fair.

Whether you’re contemplating a merger, acquisition, carve-out, spin-off, buyback, or another type of cannabis business purchase, we’ll provide you with a professional opinion supported by data and our deep cannabis market expertise. We’ll examine the deal’s specifics, including any possible business synergies, the terms of the agreement, and the price.

Whether you need advice on the valuation of an acquisition or sale of a division or company, our cannabis M&A advisors will model the expected performance to create forecasted financial statements.

We’ll model potential synergies and assess existing and proposed capital structures for the cannabis company so that you can choose the strategy that will maximize returns.