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Save Time and Money when you work with Quantum 9

Cannabis license applications are time-consuming, competitive, and costly. You can spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars applying for a license that you may not win. Partner with our cannabis license application writers to submit an application that will win you a license. We have one of the highest success rates in the industry for winning marijuana business licenses (90.12%).

Entrepreneurs like yourself have used our cannabis license application writers to start marijuana businesses in over 27 US states and 6 countries. Many of whom have used our services to become multi-state operators. Allow us to manage your entire application from start to finish, including all of the technical writing, site planning, team recruitment, local permitting, and more.

Application Writing

Reduce your workload and let Quantum 9 write your cannabis license application for you. Whether it’s your business plan, security plan, or standard operating procedures (SOPs), use our team of cannabis application writers to submit an application that will win you a license. 

We continuously win cannabis business licenses in the most competitive markets across the globe, outcompeting the largest multi-state operators and top law firms.

Financial Planning

Our Marijuana Application Services start with a financial analysis of the market to help you understand the return on investment and costs around the project. While each step of the plan is focused on cost containment, a detailed budget isn’t practical until decisions on method, facility assets, security, and technology are determined. Work with us to create Pro-forma financial statements that will guide your investment and operating capital requirements.

Site Planning and Facility Design

Our cannabis license application services include assistance with site selection, schematic designs, and three-dimensional renderings. Use our team as subject matter experts to communicate with architectural firms as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers.

Municipal Approval and Local Permitting

Some municipalities will require you to submit an additional cannabis business application for a local permit. Your municipality may also have a limited number of licenses available, so the competition may be fierce. Let Quantum 9’s cannabis license application writers win you a local permit in your municipality.

Team Recruitment

Use Quantum 9 to help recruit individuals to your team so that you receive a high score on the team experience section of the application. The governing agencies who issue cannabis licenses want to see a team that can effectively operate a safe cannabis company in compliance with the laws and regulations. We have a vast network of industry-leading cannabis professionals who are eager to get involved with applicants like yourself.

Vendor Relationships and Operating Partnerships

Use our cannabis application services to align with current manufacturing, dispensing, and cultivation operators. The regulators are looking for applicants who can execute their plans. Having pre-arranged partnerships with vendors and cannabis operators adds strength and credibility to your marijuana license application. Use Quantum 9 for access to exclusive deals with cannabis business operators, vendors, lawyers, accountants, architects, suppliers, and more.