Shannon Donnelly
Dispensary Marijuana Consultant Level III

As a Dispensary Marijuana Consultant Level III Shannon has developed a unique understanding of patients, cannabis staffing, and compliance since 2007 working in the cannabis industry in Colorado. Shannon has used her knowledge of new products, brand development, store layout, and team development to help dispensaries raise sales. She has also helped dispensaries by standardizing day to day operations.

Shannon trains employees and identifies inefficiencies in profitability. She aids in acquiring new industry partnerships and retail relationships with new products while developing sales tools for profit optimization. Shannon has been able to uncover large areas of theft and diversion. As Dispensary Marijuana Consultant Level III she specializes in fixing profit margins and reducing overhead. Shannon has worked with over 10,000 people, which has helped her gain in-depth knowledge of what customers are looking for in service and in products, especially edibles and concentrates.


of Experience

As a dispensary marijuana consultant, Shannon excels in taking  start-ups from layout to profitability. Her operations training covers dispensary reception, patient check in, record keeping, dispensary agent/ budtending, patient care, patient advocacy and compliance.

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