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Would you like to start a psilocybin business in Oregon? You can apply for an Oregon psilocybin business license no later than January 2, 2023. But don’t wait! Start working on your psilocybin license application today to improve your chances.

In this article, you’ll find a guide on how to apply for and win a psilocybin license in Oregon. However, if you’d prefer to speak with our Oregon psilocybin consultants directly, feel free to schedule a call today.

Psilocybin License Application in Oregon

Laws and Rules

In order to start a psilocybin business in Oregon, you should read the laws and rules that govern the industry. By doing so, you’ll understand the requirements and process of applying for a psilocybin business license.

Thus, I recommend that you read:

Also, the psilocybin program is overseen by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), which will regulate the manufacturing, transportation, delivery, sale, and purchase of psilocybin products. The OHA will also oversee the provision of psilocybin services and licensing of psilocybin businesses.

Don’t have time to read hundreds of pages of laws? No problem. Our Oregon psilocybin business consultants summarize the important information in this article for you.


In November 2020, Oregon became the first U.S. state to legalize psilocybin with the passage of Measure 109 (aka Oregon Psilocybin Services Act). But more important for entrepreneurs like yourself is that Oregon will begin accepting applications for Psylicbin business licenses by January 2, 2023.

However, our psilocybin business consultants recommend starting on your application now. Keep reading for steps you can take now.

Types of Psilocybin Licenses in Oregon

Before we discuss the application process, let’s take a look at the types of psilocybin business licenses available in Oregon. In short, Oregon will issue four types of psilocybin licenses:

For the sake of space, our Oregon psilocybin business consultants provide you with a description of each of these licenses in a separate article. Click the link above for more detail on each Oregon psilocybin license.


To apply for an Oregon psilocybin business license, you must meet certain criteria. For instance, you must:

  • be 21 years old; and
  • have at least 50% of your psilocybin manufacturing or service center license owned by residents of Oregon for two or more years.

Also, your owners cannot have any disqualifying convictions or exceed the ownership limits (outlined in the appendix). Now that we’ve discussed the types of licenses and eligibility, let’s examine the psilocybin license application process in Oregon.

Application Process for Psilocybin Business Licenses

Simply put, to start or operate a psilocybin business in Oregon, you must apply for and win a psilocybin business license.

Oregon has not published the final application instructions. However, you can expect the application process to look similar to cannabis business licensing.

Thus, as part of the psilocybin license application, you can expect to submit the following:
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Psilocybin Manufacturing Plan
  • Social Equity Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Operating Plan
  • Inventory Tracking Plan
  • Quality Assurance and Control Plan
  • Education Plan
  • Community Impact Plan
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • and more

Oregon will score your application relative to other applicants. In order to win a license, you must put together a competitive psilocybin business license application. Unfortunately, applying for a license is a complex, capital-intensive, and risky process.

Work with our Oregon psilocybin consultants and allow us to manage your application from start to finish.

Our psilocybin licensing experts have won cannabis licenses for clients across the globe. Now, we’re excited to assist entrepreneurs and investors in winning psilocybin business licenses. We can assist you in developing a highly competitive psilocybin license application that will increase your chances of winning a license.


If you plan to start a psilocybin business in Oregon, you will have to pay two fees: 1) a non-refundable application fee and 2) a license fee.

You must pay a $500 application fee just to submit your psilocybin license application in Oregon. This fee is non-refundable, and it must be paid whether you win a license or not.

In contrast, the license fee is only due if you are approved for an Oregon psilocybin business license. Each type of license will have its own fee associated with it. For instance, the license fees are as follows:

  • Manufacturer $10,000
  • Service Center $10,000
  • Facilitator $2,000
  • Laboratory $10,000

Now that we’ve covered the license application process, let’s now dive into the step-by-step guide on how to get an Oregon psilocybin business license.

Guide on How to Start a Psilocybin Business in Oregon

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain a license to start a psilocybin business in Oregon. You can take action now to improve your chances of winning a license.

Step 1: Read the Laws and Rules

The first step to winning a psilocybin business license in Oregon is to read the Laws and Rules. By doing so, you’ll understand the playing field and how to win a psilocybin license in Oregon.

It’ll also give you an idea of how the market is structured and the types of psilocybin business licenses available.

Step 2: Choose a psilocybin license type

Secondly, you’ll want to choose the type of psilocybin business license to apply for. As mentioned above, there are four types of psilocybin licenses available in Oregon. Choose the license type that fits the business you’d like to run.

Would you prefer to produce psilocybin or would you rather just administer the sessions? How about both? These are questions you should answer before moving farther.

If you’re not sure, then move on to step 3 – engage an Oregon psilocybin business consultant.

Step 3: Engage a psilocybin consultant in Oregon

Working with our Oregon psilocybin business consultants will make your life easier. Allow us to manage your project from pre-licensure to becoming fully operational.

Imagine having a coach on your side to guide you through the entire psilocybin license application process while also doing all of the heavy liftings. An engagement with our Oregon psilocybin business license consultants can include application writing, team recruitment, facility design, operational support, employee training, and more.

Step 4: Form a business entity

At this stage, it’s a good idea to form an entity that you will use when applying for a psilocybin business license. In the cannabis industry, applicants typically form LLCs or S-corps.

However, our Oregon psilocybin consultants suggest speaking with us first or working with an attorney to choose the best structure for your psilocybin business.

Step 5: Choose a location

It’s never too early to start identifying locations in Oregon for your proposed psilocybin business. Check with the city and determine if and where they will allow psilocybin businesses to locate. In the end, you’ll likely need a letter of consent from the property owner and a letter of support from the municipal’s governing body. Here is a link to a map that shows the municipalities in Oregon that have opted in or out of allowing psilocybin businesses.

Step 6: Build a team

Oregon will score the team you list on your application, so you’ll want a team of highly skilled professionals. The team you apply with should display expertise in psilocybin cultivation, manufacturing, and administration, depending on the license type you are applying for.

Additionally, your team should demonstrate experience in business management, highly regulated industries, finance, microbiology, analytical chemistry, good manufacturing practices, and more.

Do you have a team you feel will receive a high score? If not, speak with our Oregon psilocybin consulting firm to learn about our talent acquisition services.

Step 7: Develop a psilocybin business plan

With your team in place and your company formed, it’s now a good time to craft your psilocybin business plan. A solid business plan will help you raise capital (next step), recruit talent, and garner local support.

As an added benefit, you can use portions of your business plan in your Oregon psilocybin license application.

Step 8: Raise capital

You can use your business plan to help you raise capital for your psilocybin business. You will incur costs pre-licensure and post-licensure. For instance, you may incur the costs from the following sources during pre-licensure:

  • Real estate;
  • Architectural Designs;
  • Marketing;
  • Attorneys;
  • Consultants;
  • Lobbyist;
  • and more.

Once you obtain your license, you can expect costs to arise from:

  • Construction;
  • Renovations;
  • Equipment:
  • Security installation;
  • Inventory;
  • Wages;
  • Marketing;
  • and more.

As you can see, starting a psilocybin business in Oregon is a costly endeavor. Start raising the capital now to avoid any conflicts down the line. Better to have more cash in hand than be cash-strapped.

Step 9: Garner Local Support

After you’ve identified a property (or a few) for your proposed Oregon psilocybin business, you can begin building support at the local level. You’ll want support from your local city government as well as organizations in the community.

A letter of support from your city government can go a long way. Additionally, you can start to build a relationship with local organizations and indicate your intention to positively impact the community and support their efforts.

Step 10: Write and submit an application

Finally, the last step is to sit down and write your psilocybin license application in Oregon. As described above, the final application instructions are not yet published. Nonetheless, you can expect the application to look similar to cannabis business license applications.

With that being said, your Oregon psilocybin license application can easily reach hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of technical documentation. You must demonstrate your ability to operate a safe and compliant psilocybin business. Additionally, your application must comply with Oregon laws and rules.

Do you have the time to write hundreds of pages of technical details and laws? Why not take the stress out of starting an Oregon psilocybin business by letting our psilocybin license application writers do the heavy lifting?

Reach out today to learn more about our psilocybin license consulting services in Oregon.

Conclusions from Oregon Psilocybin Business Consultants

Lastly, the requirements of the psilocybin license application process are tedious. Missing or overlooking any of these requirements can immediately disqualify your application. That is why you should speak with one of our psilocybin consultants in Oregon. Whether you need help writing the application, recruiting a team, or designing your facility, our psilocybin consulting firm in Oregon has the expertise to help you become a psilocybin business owner.

Save time and reduce your risks by scheduling an appointment today.

APPENDIX | Information related to Oregon Psilocybin License Consulting

Restrictions on Financial Interest

There are limits to the number of psilocybin businesses that you can have a financial interest in. For instance, you may not have a financial interest in:

  • More than one psilocybin product manufacturer; or
  • More than five psilocybin service center operators.

Ownership Limits

In regard to Psilocybin business licenses in Oregon, a person may hold:

  • Multiple service center operator licenses (up to 5); and

  • Both a manufacturer license and a service center operator license at the same or different premises.

If this is not clear, feel free to reach out to our Oregon psilocybin consulting firm to answer any questions you may have.

Psilocybin Service Facilitator License

The OHA will issue Psilocybin Service Facilitator Licenses to individuals who will conduct the psilocybin services mentioned above. In other words, think of the psilocybin service facilitator as the “guide” who would be present during your psilocybin experience.

Psilocybin Testing Laboratory License

Finally, the fourth type of license is for psilocybin testing laboratories in Oregon.  The psilocybin testing license, not surprisingly, allows establishments to test psilocybin products.

More specifically, psilocybin products must be tested for:

  • Microbiological contaminants
  • Pesticides;
  • Other contaminants;
  • Solvents or residual solvents; and
  • Psilocybin concentration.

Also, psilocybin testing laboratories in Oregon must receive accreditation under ORS 438.605 to 438.620 and meet all requirements set out by the OHA.

Would you like help with your Oregon Psilocybin License Application? Learn how our psilocybin consultants in Oregon can help you become an owner of a psilocybin business.

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