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Do I need Marijuana Consulting in Pennsylvania?

Marijuana Consulting in Pennsylvania

Looking for the best Marijuana Consulting in Pennsylvania? Our cannabis consulting firm, Quantum 9,  won 1st place for cannabis applications in Pennsylvania, and we are eager to help you do the same.

The medical marijuana market is well established in Pennsylvania and we may even see a legal adult-use marijuana market soon. Now that New Jersey and New York have legal marijuana markets, Pennsylvania is eager to hop on the trend.

Learn more about the initiative for an adult-use marijuana market in Pennsylvania here.

If you haven’t thought about using a Pennsylvania marijuana consultant to assist you in winning a cultivation, processing, or dispensary license in the state of Pennsylvania, you might have already lost. But since you are reading this, you have incrementally increased your odds of winning. This article won’t give you all the tips and tricks cannabis consultants use to win licenses, but it will prove to you that using one is needed to aid in the acquisition of a permit. There are exceptions to the rule, if you have already won licenses in other states, you are qualified to submit without Marijuana Consulting in Pennsylvania.

Medical Marijuana Sales in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania makes a high amount of sales within their medical marijuana dispensaries in comparison to other states. For example, sales via dispensaries are expected to reach $1.4-$1.7 billion by 2024. This is just with their medical marijuana market, and we can expect this number to grow rapidly once a legal adult-use market is put into place.

Also, there may be some potential business opportunities for those who want a medical marijuana license in Pennsylvania. The state plans a Phase III licensing phase, but the date has not been determined just yet. Contact us for a head start on your application.

Pennsylvania Cannabis Consultant

5 Reasons why you Need Marijuana Consulting in Pennsylvania

Reason 1 – Save Time

Marijuana Consultants that have worked in merit-based states and countries have written hundreds of protocols and procedures. In our case, it took Quantum 9 nine months of writing using over twenty different grant writers, FDA attorneys, pharmaceutical QA/QC resources, and cannabis industry experts to compile the documents that are now required to win a marijuana permit /license. Writing this material would take your team years to complete. You can save a tremendous amount of time directly engaging a firm to handle all of the writing and protocols required to submit to the state. Pennsylvania Senate Bill 3 requires:

  • Security Protocols
  • Transportation Protocols
  • Recordkeeping Protocols
  • Inventory Control Protocols
  • Patient Education Protocols
  • Dispensing Protocols

Reason 2 – Increase the Odds of Success

If you wanted to increase the odds of making 3-pointers having a coach will increase your chances of becoming the best 3 point shooter. Furthermore, having Michael Jordan help you shoot 3 points for the next six months is just like engaging a Pennsylvania marijuana consulting firm to help you submit the best application possible.

Reason 3 – Reduce Stress

You may not feel the stress about your submission today, but at the one-week deadline mark, you will be praying for more time and help. Also, you will hate the day you decided not to engage an experienced Pennsylvania cannabis consultant to handle your entire application. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hand over the responsibility to a Pennsylvania cannabis consulting firm to submit your application?

Reason 4 – Help with Recruiting

Where exactly are you going to find a master cultivator? CareerBuilder… Monster…? Master Cultivators are some of the most paranoid individuals you will ever meet. You have to realize that they have been practicing in the black market for years. The reason they are not in prison is by keeping a high level of alert and paranoia. Outsiders are not welcome. A Pennsylvania cannabis consulting company can plug you into the very paranoid cannabis market helping recruit the industries best as operators and training partners.

Reason 5 – Save Money

Last and certainly the most important reason is saving money. I left the best for last. First, you can save a fair amount from using a cannabis consultant vs. a lawyer to interpret the law because precedence typically guides law. Marijuana consultants in Pennsylvania that have been working in the field for multiple submissions have the best interpretation skills. Colorado is the most stringent market and precedence has been set there, most states borrow and steal regulations from Colorado.

Cannabis consultants understand where the laws are going, not where they are at. Also, if you think a lawyer will write your application for you, be prepared to pay a healthy amount. Second, if you honestly think you can afford not to use a Pennsylvania cannabis consulting expert you are kidding yourself, do you plan on spending $500k-$750k on pursuit capital without getting a leg up? If that number makes your jaw drop this is not the best industry to try your luck in. Big risk, big rewards!

Application Fees for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Pennsylvania

The application fee for a new medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania is $30,000 per location. Additionally, it costs $5,000 for the renewal of the license. If you want to participate in growing or processing marijuana, the fees are a little pricier. However, your return on investment is expected to be a lot higher. With that, the application fee is $200,000 for a new business license and $10,000 to renew this license.

As you can see, these fees are high so it is important to work with our marijuana consultants in Pennsylvania so that you can win a license. Contact us today for more information!

Pennsylvania Cannabis Consultant

A trusted advisor and internationally recognized Quantum 9, has been working within the cannabis industry since 2009. Cannabis consulting expert Michael Mayes leads the firm as CEO. In other words, Michael has worked on 24 submissions with a staggering success rate of 91.5%. These wins have been in very competitive and merit-based states like Colorado, California, Canada, Massachusetts, Washington, Nevada, and Illinois. Companies and governments around the world including Senator Perry Clark, Senator Michael Jacobs, and German Ministry have recommended the organization.


Are you stressing to complete your Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Grower/Processor and/or Dispensary Application? Want some last-minute help from a top Pennsylvania Cannabis Consulting Firm? Contact Quantum 9 for last-minute assistance on your PA Grower/Processor and/or Dispensary Application submission for assistance on Grower/Processor questions 10-22  and Dispensary questions 10-17. It’s not too late to strengthen your submission, but don’t delay and call your Pennsylvania Dispensary Marijuana Consultants today.

Michael Mayes

Author Michael Mayes

Quantum 9, Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm. We specialize in getting high net worth individuals and private equity cannabis business licenses to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense marijuana. We have over 50 marijuana consultants that work for the company, and we have practiced in 12 countries. Our areas of expertise include permit acquisition, team building, employee training planning, and process planning. We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary business.

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