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Hello. We’re Quantum 9,
A Cannabis Consulting Firm Located In Chicago. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

Quantum 9, Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based cannabis consulting firm specializing in permit acquisition. We excel in highly competitive limited license markets. We have one of the highest success rates in the industry, helping obtain 73 of the 81 licenses submitted to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense cannabis. Having worked in twenty-one states and six countries, we are one of the largest cannabis consulting practices in the world. Our team includes 66 marijuana consultants that work in every field of the cannabis industry. However, our areas of expertise include permit acquisition, team building, public policy, employee training, and process planning. We help clients fully maximize the potential of any cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary business.

Our group includes some of the most talented marijuana consultants in the world including award-winning cannabis cultivators, scientists, and business owners. Our team holds advanced degrees in medicine, business, agriculture, horticulture, and plant sciences. Our staff can make any application submission for licensing stronger.

Quantum 9 was named one of the most recognized names in cannabis consulting by CannaInsider, recipient of both the Silver Golden Bridge Award and Stevie Award, and inducted into the Forbes Chicago Business Council having received the CannAward for cannabis technology excellence.

“It is with great honor that we recommend Quantum 9, Inc. for their excellence in the medical cannabis industry. Their attentiveness, attention to detail and pragmatic thinking was instrumental in our understanding of the taxation of medical cannabis.”
– Dr. Harald Terpe Member of Parliament

Illinois Letter of Recommendation

September 13, 2016

Cannabis Staff Augmentation

Cannabis Staff Augmentation

September 13, 2016

German Ministry Recommendation

February 2, 2015

Kentucky Letter of Recommendation

December 10, 2013

Cannabis License Acquisition


It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted names in the cannabis consulting market. However, Quantum 9 works around the world helping patients enter the marijuana industry. Our public policy work has lead to recognition from government officials foreign and domestic. Lastly, our real passion is aiding the patient’s understanding of medical cannabis.

We have a team of FDA Attorneys that aid in the writing portion of the cannabis application submission.

We have a team of designers that will work with your local architects to show the government every facet of the business.

Standard Operating Procedures

We have over 200 SOPs that documents all areas of cannabis consulting including cultivation, processing and dispensing.

Security and Diversion Plan

Governments are looking for plans and procedures to keep employees, product and prevent the unauthorized use of cannabis.

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