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Amendment 2 Medical Marijuana Missouri Comprehensive Overview

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Marijuana Consulting Missouri | The expert medical marijuana consultant from Quantum 9 provided a comprehensive overview of Amendment 2. Cannabis consultants from Q9 provide a top-down overview for marijuana consulting Missouri data. Furthermore, this article will discuss how to obtain marijuana licenses in Missouri. Lastly, this article contains a guideline on the most important things applicants can start working on today.

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Cannabis Consulting Missouri

Marijuana Consulting Missouri – Congressional Districts 

The passing of Amendment 2 makes Missouri the 32nd state to legalize marijuana. Marijuana consulting Missouri experts agree that the state allows for 192 dispensary licenses. In other words, not less than twenty-four (24) in each congressional district. This limit is based on 2018 boundaries shown in the state map below.

Marijuana Consulting MissouriMissouri’s eight congressional district

Missouri Medical Marijuana Program Key Dates and Timeline

The program starts officially on December 6, 2018. The key dates that all potential applicants need to keep a close eye on are as follows:

  • June 2019: Applicantions will become available for both businesses and patients;
  • July 2019: Patients can start obtaining their medical marijuana cards;
  • August 2019: Applicants can start submitting applications; and
  • Late 2019: Patients are expected to start procuring marijuana from dispensaries.
Marijuana Consulting Missouri Timeline

Missouri Department of Health published Timeline

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services are responsible for writing and implementing the new medical marijuana rules within Missouri.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Program High-Level Overview

Amendment 2 imposes a 4% sales tax on all purchases. However, patients can only buy up to four ounces or a 30-day supply. In addition, patients can access more if two physicians sign off on the higher supply. In other words, from a possession standpoint, patients cannot possess more than a 60-day supply. Under Amendment 2, patients are able to grow up to six plants. The state estimates that it will take $7M to run the program annually. Marijuana consulting Missouri experts estimate that the program could produce up to $24M in tax revenue. For instance, of that $24M, $18M shall be generated from state operating costs and veterans’ programs. Lastly, the remaining $6M will be allocated to local governments. In conclusion, the tax revenue will be distributed between services for veterans, housing assistance, healthcare services, and job training.

Important Missouri Marijuana Application Information

Missouri Cultivation Applicants

Cultivation applicants can obtain one to three licenses to grow with the ability to place more than one license in a facility. Marijuana Consulting Missouri experts state that each license is relegated to 30,000 square feet of flowering plant canopy. An applicant can own up to three licenses to grow. The applications will be scored on merit. Outdoor cultivation is allowed but limited to 2,800 flowering plants. Greenhouses are legal but are relegated to 30,000 square feet of flowering canopy or 2,800 flowering plants. Each license is valid for three years. Upon acquisition of the license, a $10,000 fee will be charged per license. The total number of licenses must fall under one license for every 100,000 inhabitants. Total licenses in a particular area can be limited to that total.

Missouri Dispensary Applicants

Dispensary applicants can obtain up to five licenses. Secondly, each license requires a separate facility. The licenses are good for three years. Upon aquisition, each license will cost $6,000. At the three-year mark, a $3,000 charge will be applied per license to renew. Once granted the license an additional $10,000 fee will be charged annually per license. In addition, the total number of licenses in the state may not be fewer than 24 licenses in each US Congressional District.

Missouri Manufacturing/ Processing/ Extraction Applicants

Processing applicants can obtain up to three licenses. Secondly, marijuana consulting Missouri experts state that the licenses are good for 3 years. However, the application fee per permit is $6,000 with a $3,000 renewal fee at the 3-year mark. Once granted the license a $10,000 payment will be charged by the department annually per license.  The total number of licenses must fall under one license for every 7,000 inhabitants. Lastly, the total licenses in a particular area can be limited to that total.

State Requirements

Marijuana consulting Missouri experts explore the state requirements including:

  1. Firstly, the state is looking for good operators with a background of serving the state of Missouri. Each applicant will need to explain the character, qualifications, background, veracity, and relevant experience of managers or principal officers;
  2. Secondly, as with most other states a business plan will need to be submitted by the applicant. The state is looking for the ability for cultivation facilities and dispensaries to demonstrate the ability to adequately supply marijuana to the patients within the state (reciprocity is not legal in Missouri). Each applicant needs to effectively layout their plans to ensure the safety and security of all Qualifying Patients and the community. As with most states, the state is requiring the procedures that will be deployed to prevent diversion. There is an emphasis on providing low-income Qualifying Patients access to discounted marijuana;
Additional State Requirements
  1. Firstly, each applicant will need to define site security including protocols and security floor plans including camera lines of sight, motion detectors, panic buttons, and other security measures to ensure the protection against diversion;
  2. Secondly, the state is looking for documentation of the applicant’s experience in a legal cannabis market outside of the state. It is critical to link up with an out of state operator;
  3. Thirdly, if the applicant is submitting for a Medical Marijuana Testing Facilities, the experience of their personnel with testing marijuana, food or drugs for toxins and/or potency and health care industry experience;
  4. Lastly, the state is looking for the potential for positive economic impact in the site community, community benefits could include giving back plans or donations to specific health organizations;
Marijuana License Specific Requirements

Marijuana Consulting Missouri license specific information include:

  1. If you are submitting for a Cultivation license, the state is looking for capacity or experience with health care, horticulture, and agriculture. Capacity meaning real-world experience with a plant count, square footage, or light count. Capacity also meaning to what capacity meaning how many locations and excellence within the field;
  2. If you are submitting for a Dispensary license, the state is looking for capacity or experience with health care, the suitability of the proposed location, and its accessibility for patients;
  3. If you are submitting for an Extraction/ Processing/ Manufacturing license, the state is looking for capacity or experience with food and beverage manufacturing; and
  4. Lastly, the state is also looking for how each applicant will maintain competitiveness in the marijuana for medical use marketplace, meaning how will you state competitive with your pricing.

Additional Protocol and Procedure Requirements

Marijuana consulting Missouri experts at Quantum 9 all agree that other aspects of the submission applicants will need to demonstrate an understanding of include:

  1. Storage Procedures;
  2. Sanitation Protocols;
  3. Patient Check-in Identification Verification Protocol;
  4. Labeling and Packaging Standards;
  5. Record Keeping Procedures;
  6. Compliance Procedures including Renewal, Tax Payments;
  7. Signage Procedures;
  8. Security Protocol including lighting, physical security, video, and alarm;
  9. Transportation Procedures; and
  10. Product Offering Procedures;

Missouri Home Cultivation

Home cultivation is legal in Missouri. However, the patient or caregiver can cultivate up to six (6) plants only.

Marijuana Consulting Missouri

Missouri Approved Medical Marijuana Conditions

Marijuana consulting Missouri experts, from Quantum 9, have reviewed the approved conditions. However, the review is pretty favorable to patients. In some publications, only nine conditions appear “approved”. The cannabis consulting experts at Quantum 9 count twenty-six approved conditions. Lastly, approved conditions are as follows:

  1. PTSD;
  2. Epilepsy;
  3. Cancer;
  4. Glaucoma;
  5. Migraines;
  6. Chronic Pain;
  7. Muscle Spasms;
  8. Multiple Sclerosis;
  9. Seizures;
  10. Parkinson’s Disease;
  11. Tourette’s Syndrome;
  12. HIV;
  13. AIDS;
  14. Prescription Addiction Relief (Opioids);
  15. Any Terminal Illness;
  16. Hepatitis C;
  17. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis;
  18. Inflammatory Bowel Disease;
  19. Chron’s Disease;
  20. Huntington Disease;
  21. Autism;
  22. Neuropathies;
  23. Sickle Cell Anemia;
  24. Alzheimer’s Disease;
  25. Cachexia; and
  26. Lastly, Wasting Syndrome.

Missouri Approved Marijuana Delivery Methods

  1. Vaporization or smoking of dried extracts, buds, flowers, oils, or plant material;
  2. Consuming marijuana-infused food products;
  3. Ingestion of oils, teas, capsules, and other marijuana-infused products;
  4. Transdermal suppositories or patches;
  5. Application of balms or ointments; or
  6. Lastly, any other method or delivery method recommended by a Qualifying Patient’s physician.

Marijuana Consulting Missouri Quantum 9

In conclusion, Quantum 9 provides expert marijuana licensing consulting. Therefore, our team is ready to help. We have been doing marijuana licensing work since 2012. Lastly, to engage our expert team please fill out the contact form below. Quantum 9 can provide end to end solutions to help you obtain any of the three licenses to operate in the state of Missouri. We have a proven track record throughout the world. Above all, we have completed 24 total submissions with a success rate of 91.6%. Contact Quantum 9 today by clicking the link here.

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