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Now that marijuana is legal in New York, business entrepreneurs are eager to start cannabis businesses. As the United States has accustomed to quick and easy delivery services with the pandemic, our cannabis consulting firm is excited to hear that New York offers delivery licenses, as these will be extremely profitable in the city. If you have an interest in a New York cannabis delivery license, read along. Our cannabis consultants in New York explain what and how you can obtain this license type with our consulting services.

New York cannabis delivery licenseWhat can I do with a New York Cannabis Delivery License?

A New York cannabis delivery license allows for the delivery of cannabis and cannabis products by licensees independent of another adult-use cannabis license. So, you are able to directly deliver cannabis to the consumer with the use of a delivery application. This license is extremely profitable in city settings such as New York.

With that, each delivery license may have a total of no more than 25  individuals providing full-time services to cannabis consumers per week under one license.  The New York cannabis advisory board provides recommendations to the board. This includes recommendations for the application process, license criteria, and the scope of licensed activities for cannabis delivery.

If you do decide to apply and obtain a cannabis delivery license in New York, you can not have a direct or indirect financial interest in more than one delivery license. Additionally, the granting of these license types is to promote social and economic equity applicants. Contact us for more information on how you can raise capital and build a reliable team for your cannabis application in New York.

new york cannabis delivery license

High Profitability for Cannabis Delivery Licenses

Although cannabis delivery is a relatively new business venture, we have seen massive success with established cannabis markets. For example, California legalized cannabis delivery in 2019, and it has been a huge success. A cannabis delivery startup app claims that it can sell $1 billion worth of marijuana per year by 2020. Also, a lot of medical marijuana patients are utilizing delivery services instead of going to a physical store. According to Statista, 44 percent of medical marijuana patients in the United States regularly use a delivery app to purchase their cannabis products. We can expect these numbers to increase substantially. So, if you are considering a cannabis business venture, our cannabis consulting firm highly recommends a cannabis delivery license in New York.

If this license type is not for you, New York offers additional license types that might better fit your needs. These licenses include:

All of these license types allow you to perform different activities. So, make sure to read about all of the types so you can make the right business decision. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our cannabis consultants.

Win a Cannabis Delivery License in New York

For more information on how to apply and win a cannabis license in New York, make sure to reach out to our cannabis consulting firm. We have one of the highest success rates in the industry and are eager to help you build a cannabis business. Whether you want a New York cannabis delivery license, or are interested in a different license type, we have the tools to help you have an easy and successful application process.

Lastly, for more information on rules and regulations, take a closer look at the New York cannabis bill.

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