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About Us
Cannabis Consulting

What if there were a simple and hassle-free way to win a license and start a cannabis business? Quantum 9 seems to have figured it out, and it's kinda nice.

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Our Services
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Full cannabis application preperation services. Quantum 9 will quarterback the entire submission effort.

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Building the most qualified team will win you a license. Use our network of qualified cannabis consultants.

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Facility Design

Use our team of facility designers brings your dream into reality using the most technologically advanced systems.

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Executive Coaching

Let us do the heavy lifting. During our weekly calls we can help you understand how to score the highest score possible.

Cannabis Consulting Services

Cannabis Consulting Services

We understand the frustrating complexities of cannabis license applications and starting a business. So we exist to make your life easier. 

We can win you a license and help you become an owner of a profitable cannabis business, while you save time and money. Our consultants will manage your license application from start to finish, win you a license, and help you start a profit-generating cannabis business. 

The consultants at Quantum 9 pride themselves on being leading experts in winning licenses. Our cannabis application writers have worked in in 27 U.S. States and 6 countries.  

Our Cannabis Consulting Services include: 

  • Cannabis License Application Writing 
  • Team Recruitment 
  • Capital Raising and Investment Strategy
  • Financial Consulting
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 
  • Facility Design 
  • Joint Venture Strategy
  • Equipment Selection and Purchasing
  • Product Development and Selection
  • Employee Training
  • Lobbying Assistance
  • Marketing (Content creation, SEO Services, etc.) 
  • Brand Development (logo design, website design, social media, etc.) 
  • Executive Coaching and Mentorship

If you’re applying for a license, why risk winning a license by choosing not to use expert cannabis application writers? By choosing to use our cannabis consulting services, you increase your chances of winning a license and reduce your odds of losing. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to let our cannabis consulting team execute the majority of the work for your application? Sit back and let us win you a cannabis license.  Feel free to reach out and speak with our cannabis consultants to learn more about our services. 

Application Services

We have a team of FDA Attorneys that aid in the writing portion of the cannabis application submission.

Facility Design

We have a team of designers that will work with your local architects to show the government every facet of the business.

Standard Operating Procedures

We have over 200 SOPs that document all areas of cannabis consulting including cultivation, processing and dispensing.

Investor Services

Need help raising capital? We can provide you with a business plan, Pro-forma financial statements, market analysis, estimated ROI, and more that you can provide to your investors.

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