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Quantum 9, Inc., is a Chicago-based cannabis consulting firm. Our cannabis consulting services include, but are not limited to, permit acquisition, talent acquisition, valuations, marketing services, brand development, market analysis, capital raising, and employee training.

Our cannabis application writers excel in highly competitive limited license markets. We have one of the highest success rates in the industry, helping obtain 73 of the 81 licenses submitted to cultivate, manufacture, and dispense cannabis. Having worked in twenty-one (21) states and six (6) countries, we are one of the largest cannabis consulting practices in the world. Our team includes 66 marijuana consultants that work in every field of the cannabis industry.

In addition, our team has successfully guided clients to maximize efficiency within multiple facets of the cannabis industry. Whether you’re operating a cultivation, processing, infusion, testing, or retail business, we have the resources to help you take your company from good to great. Save time by allowing us to help you start your cannabis business while remaining compliant.

As part of our cannabis consulting services, we have developed the industry’s best practices on cannabis operations.

  • For example, our cannabis consultant Ed Rosenthal, author of the official cannabis textbook for Oaksterdam University and widely regarded as the “Guru of Ganja”, has developed best-in-class standard operating procedures regarding cultivation and integrated pest management that our clients have used in their operations.
  • In addition, our non-diversion protocol, limited access area protocol, and security schematic design layers have been reviewed and approved by Derek Ogden, who served the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the rank of Chief Superintendent and Director General of the National Drug Enforcement and Organized Crime Program.

At Quantum 9, we focus on reliability, quality, and simplicity. These timeless principles, in fact, allow our cannabis consultants to provide our clients with a streamlined experience. For one thing, the marijuana market is prosperous, and many have and will continue to prosper from it. Therefore, we recommend using cannabis consulting companies, such as Quantum 9, to navigate the complex operations, regulations, investments, and investors within the industry.

Permit Acquisition Success Rate

90.12% Success Rate 73 of 81

Cannabis Consulting Clients

73 in 21 States and  6 Countries

Cannabis Consulting Services

Cannabis Application Writing, Team Building, Facility Design, Staff Training, Brand Development, Business Optimization, SEO services

Application Services

We have a team of FDA Attorneys that aid in the writing portion of the cannabis application submission.

Facility Design

We have a team of designers that will work with your local architects to show the government every facet of the business.

Standard Operating Procedures

We have over 200 SOPs that documents all areas of cannabis consulting including cultivation, processing and dispensing.

Security and Diversion Plan

Governments are looking for plans and procedures to keep employees, product and prevent the unauthorized use of cannabis.

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