Brand Identity

Our team helps you name your company with the future evolution of cannabis in mind. Stay away from using the term cannabis or marijuana in your business name. The name Macintosh has nothing do with an Apple, the word Nike has nothing to do with apparel. Building a brand is key to the long-term success of your business.

Logo Development

Your team needs a logo for the submission. Your logo will appear on every legal document, all of your corporate identity, your website and business cards. It is vital when creating a logo to fit the current medical markets as well as the future recreational markets.

Packaging Design

Each State and Country has very stringent rules and regulations around packaging. Placing renderings of your designs will help regulators understand that your team has a good handle on the packaging. We highlight areas of childproofing and ensure that the brand identity flows through all items of design.

Website Development

Before your submission, a website needs to be created to give your company brand integrity. Investors also like to see cutting edge websites which provide them with comfort in their investment decision.

Search Engine Optimization

It is critical to start targeting keywords very early in the progression of a state or federal program. Using terms and keywords within your copywriting will put you in an amazing market position. It is never too early to sell your company to patients. Education is the most compelling business development tool.

Content Marketing

Engage our team to write content for your website blog. Blogging is critical for SEO optimization. We use a verity of tools to market content including press releases, social media, and public relations.

Recent Creative Work

Here is a small sample of some of the creative work we have done in the cannabis industry.

Green Leaf Legal
Cannabis Consulting

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