Illinois Cannabis Craft Grow License for Sale

Price: $2,950,000 – $3,250,000

Are you searching for an Illinois cannabis business for sale? Do you want to buy an Illinois craft grow license? The license alone is worth millions. These assets are available and are limited in supply. If you’re a potential buyer or seller,  please fill out our contact form to learn how our cannabis M&A advisors can help you find the best deals.

We currently know of one cannabis craft grow license for sale in Illinois. The sellers are asking for $2.95M – $3.25M. The cannabis craft grow license is immediately available and is not tied to any real estate or physical assets.

General Description of the cannabis craft grow business for sale in Illinois

The growing billion-dollar market is even more attractive since there are a limited number of Illinois cannabis business licenses. For instance, Illinois cannot legally issue more than 150 craft grow business licenses, and there is currently 84 craft grow licenses in Illinois (as of January 2023).

The Illinois craft grow license for sale will allow the buyer to cultivate, extract, and process cannabis into products. You can then sell your cannabis and products to dispensaries within Illinois. The craft grow license does not allow you to sell directly to consumers (but you can share a location with a licensed dispensary).

Be aware that the Illinois craft grow license is limited to 5,000 square feet of canopy space. However, based on market need,  the Department of Agriculture may permit the cannabis craft grow to increase canopy space to a maximum of 14,000 square feet. You are only permitted indoor cannabis cultivation with the craft grow license. The flyer below, prepared by our cannabis M&A advisors, summarizes the details of the craft grow license for sale.



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