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Shellene Suemori, MS head shot
Shellene Suemori, MS
Cannabis Extraction Advisor

Shellen Suemori is the former Chief Scientific Officer for Bloomfield Industries, one of the original five New York State cannabis license holders. At Bloomfield Industries, Ms. Suemori lead the product selection, formulation, laboratory build-out, hiring personnel, research and development, application writing (with licensing award), and part of the executive management team. Ms. Suemori’s work led to a successful company exit to MedMen. Prior to Bloomfield, Ms. Suemori was the Director of Science for Dixie Elixirs, a Colorado medical cannabis license holder on the cutting edge of cannabis edibles and elixirs, where she managed the science team and was responsible for new product formulation, research and development, and education.

Ms. Suemori currently works at The Pharm d/b/a Sunday Goods, where she is Chief Science Officer, responsible for designing medicinal marijuana processing and laboratory facilities, selecting equipment for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids, implementing testing protocols and quality assurance plans, developing of product selection, vaporization & concentrate formulations, and all science-related duties.


of Experience

Ms. Suemori will provide invaluable advice on extraction and formulation methods, equipment selection, and developing SOPs that follow current Good Manufacturing Practices. She will also assist in crafting the Cultivation Plan, Business Plan, product Safety and Labeling Plan, Extraction Plan, and more.

Cannabis Extraction


Product Formulation


Quality Assurance


Research & Development


Shellene Suemori Q9 Profile Cannabis Extraction Level III