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Cannabis Financial Consultant
Andrew Shekas
Financial Consultant Level II

Andrew, Cannabis Financial Consultant Level II, has been involved in the legal cannabis industry since 2009 and specializes in tax planning, and operational support specifically geared around IRS Tax Code 280E. He had provided vital Certified Public Accountant attestations and notarized documents proving capitalization and net worth statements for principals and owners to obtain cannabis license to dispense, manufacturer and cultivate cannabis. Andrew Shekas has been involved in cannabis business ventures his entire professional career first as a Certified Public Accountant and Controller. During his tenure, Andrew consulted in over 30 cannabis business combinations ranging in size from $100k- $100M. Andrew has experience with more than $250 million in business mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, and re-organizations in the real estate and cannabis industries. By implementing creative tax strategies, innovative processes, high-quality technology, and financial transparency, Mr. Shekas’ experience has been invaluable in multiple transactions.

Cannabis Financial Consultant

In 2014, Mr. Shekas was the Controller & CFO for Helm Surgical Systems, a Colorado-based medical device company focused on high-growth, where he helped grow sales over 40% three consecutive years. Andrew held multiple high-level finance and accounting positions with Edwards Communities and Schneider Downs & Co. Mr. Shekas holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Computer Information Systems from Ohio Dominican University and an active Colorado Certified Public Accounting License.


of Experience

Cannabis Financial Consultant experience with a targeted focus on corporate structure, tax planning, and real estate acquisition.

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