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Chef David Rashty
Cannabis-Infused Products Advisor

Chef David Rashty is a Michelin star chef and a graduate from the International Culinary Center in New York City. He served as the executive chef in various 3-star Michelin rated restaurants in Manhattan for over 10+ years and is the CEO of Yaba Cuisine, a meal delivery service with CBD infused meals. Dedicated to providing access to the healing properties of cannabis in his meals, he provides sustainable and accessible food to those suffering from a wide-range of medical issues.

To ensure the safety and consistency of his products, his cannabinoid infused products undergo numerous analytical tests to ensure they exceed state, federal, and all regulatory requirements. His culinary expertise allows him to create high-quality and safe infused products. With 10+ years of experience as an executive chef, combined with his expertise in cannabinoid infusion, he provides invaluable guidance and strategy for businesses producing cannabis-infused products.

Years of Experience

Project Management

Chef David Rashty will consult on matters regarding cannabis infused product formulation, commercial kitchen sanitation protocols, edible product development, and compliant packaging. He will assist in developing cGMP Standard Operating Procedures for cannabis infusion, food sanitation, quality assurance, cannabis-infused product packaging, and more. 

Cannabinoid Fusion


Food Safety


Formulation Development


Food Cost Management