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Cannabis Operations Consultant
Thomas Mayes
Cannabis Operations Consultant Level III

Thomas Mayes, a Quantum 9 Cannabis Operations Consultant Level III, has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2008. He was given the opportunity to cultivate medicinal cannabis for a number of patients through the Michigan Caregiver Program. He has been passionate about helping people. Mr. Mayes started his professional career for Sparrow Health Systems in 2002 specializing in Water Treatment and Dialysis. Mr. Mayes watched hundreds of patients suffer from a variety of different ailments that he believed could have been helped by the use of cannabis. In 2012, Thomas became a consultant for a Chicago based Cannabis Consulting Firm started by his brother. Working as a consultant gave Thomas the ability to work on projects around the country furthering his knowledge.

Cannabis Operations Consultant Overview

In 2018, Thomas entered into the Medicinal Cannabis Industry. By becoming a patient caregiver for five patients as well as working with his brother. During the infancy of cannabis consulting firm in Chicago. He helping his close friend enter the industry in Colorado. By becoming a small investor and giving operational advice on the business side. Over the course of ten years, Thomas continued to cultivate for his patients. He aided in the growth of the consulting firm. His focus, Cannabis Operations Consultant expert role, centered around scaling a small operation. The facility scaled operations to 100,000 square foot cultivation center, hydrocarbon extraction lab, and two medical dispensaries in the city of Denver. In 2016, Thomas made the decision to enter the Michigan market by starting a project of his own. Working as both Project Manager and CEO, Thomas simultaneously oversaw the renovation of a dilapidated fast-food restaurant into a state-of-the-art medical marihuana facility and the development of the Greenwave Dispensary brand into one of the most recognizable names of the Michigan cannabis scene. Thomas continues to work as a cannabis operations consultant for Quantum 9, Inc specializing in technical documentation, facility design and operations, and project management. Thomas has helped a number of clients obtain a State operating license as well as getting their facilities constructed and operational.


of Experience

Thomas, cannabis Operations Consultant Level III, has built out and operated several cannabis facilities across the United States.