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John Smolic

Cannabis Strategy Consultant Level III

Cannabis Strategy Consultant John Smolic, has extensive experience operating in the highly regulated charitable electronic gaming industry. As the former President, CEO and a founding member of EGS, John made it a priority to have the company’s latest generation of hardware tablet system made in the U.S.A. During his tenure, Mr. Smolic oversaw the growth of EGS from a distributor to a vertically integrated company that now includes software product development and hardware manufacturing. Recognized as leading manufacturer and distributor of software and hardware systems for the charitable gaming industry throughout the United States and certain international jurisdictions, EGS is a preferred vendor for the Disney Company.

With over 23 years of experience working with state, federal and international licensing agencies, John led EGS through the rigorous process of securing and maintaining 18 separate gaming licenses in 14 separate states. As a key employee, Mr. Smolic has passed extensive background checks for these jurisdictions and his compliance history is documented by each state. EGS has provided significant economic impact provided to their community through job creation.

Additionally, under John’s leadership the Company has been instrumental in generated revenues in excess of $800 Million for charitable causes across the U.S. Charitable proceeds have been used for everything from building/renovating schools, churches, boys and girls clubs and community centers to purchasing school materials, youth sports equipment, youth trips, safety equipment for police and fire departments to funding care for veterans, handicapped individuals and runaway youth organizations. Mr. Smolic is a lifelong successful serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience owning successful companies in manufacturing, distribution, retail and real estate. EGS was founded in 2002, and has generated over 50 jobs.

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